Friday, October 17, 2008

What Is The Coffee House Letter?

There has been a buzz circulating around the internet about this controversial letter that states that MLM maketing is dead. The letter in reference is known infamously as “The Coffee House Letter. Although the message of this letter has made a few people uneasy, the contents of “The Coffee House Letter” will raise your eye brows.

The Coffee House Letter was written by Mike Dillard; A mastermind in the network marketing industry. The letter describes the epidemic of the network marketing industry. The vastness of the internet has made it nearly impossible to grow a network marketing team. The average time a network marketer stays in a program as of late is 3 months. With the old MLM pyramid structure, your downlines are leaving your program almost as fast as you are recruiting new members. If you have been in network marketing for a while than you will realize the painful truth behind “The Coffee House Letter”.

Mike Dillard’s delivery of this painful truth will have you captivated and have your head nodding in agreement. Fortunately, “The Coffee House Letter” also offered a solution, the solution is GPT. Get Paid Today opportunites eliminates the need to build a huge downline while increasing the frequency and the amounts of your commission. The breakdown of the letter is so well delivered that I decided not to attempt to put it in my own words. If you are interested in taking your network marketing business to the next level I highly recommend you read “The Coffee House Letter” for yourself

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