Sunday, October 19, 2008

Protect Your Affiliate ID’s And Increase Commissions 300 Percent

Are your advertising efforts reflected in your affiliate commissions? Chances are your affiliate commissions are being hijacked. I know it sounds farfetched, but there are some internet thugs out there that thrive in finding the lazy ways to wealth. Instead of advertising and promoting their progams, they would rather spend their time finding ways to deprive you of you hard earned commissions.

How is this done?

It’s quite simple, you see when an internet thug visits your affiliate website they can simply replace your affiliate ID with their own, therefore taking credit for anyone who purchases from your site. Believe it or not, there is sophisticated software out there designed to do just that. Another way you can lose your affiliate commissions is when another marketer decides that you are too successful and they simply remove your affiliate ID in the browser and buy directly from the source.

Whatever the reasons may be, the fact is affiliate hijacking does exist. If you plan on marketing on the internet then you are going to have to protect you affiliate ID’s. Protecting you affiliates links is as simple as getting a cloaking tool to hide your affiliate ID’s. It is quite inexpensive to get your hands on a quality cloaking tool, in fact it’s FREE.

Viral Url is a cloaking tool that will protect your affiliate links and also offers some extra services that will be beneficial to your business. The extra advantages that Viral Url offers are as follows;

1. A viral bar that promotes any website of your choice
2. An affiliate program with potential commissions of $97 dollar for every sale
3. Automated advertising of your affiliate program every time someone clicks your links
4. Random advertising of all your cloaked links through a top traffic exchange
5. Tracks your websites statistics
6. An upgrade option that allow you to send mail to 24,000 monthly

As you can see there is no reason to leave your affiliate ID’s naked unless you’re just in internet marketing just for fun. I wish you the best of luck in your internet marketing career, but luck alone will not guarantee your success. It is highly recommended that you protect your links to enhance your advertising efforts as well as increase you commissions with a reliable cloaking tool.

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