Sunday, October 12, 2008

Generate Traffic To Your Blog Using Twitter

Social networking sites are a dime a dozen, but the similarity that they all have is the ability to communicate with people of like interest. I am involved with many social networking groups such as Facebook, My Space and Better Networkers. So far the most productive social network that I have experienced is Twitter.

Twitter took a while to grow on me because I did not quite understand the concept. Is so simple and powerful, it is easy for you to overlook. Twitter gives you the opportunity to communicate with people of the same interest by writing short messages to are viewable by all your followers. The important part is to make sure you develop a system that you can create followers and you in exchange follow them for updates also.

The question that most people ask is; How do I increase my followers? I use forums myself. Forums like Conquer Your Niche have several threads with internet marketers like myself who are eager to reciprocate twitter links with other internet marketers. I have also created a group on Facebook called “Follow Me On Twitter”. Whatever niche you belong to use Google to find if there is forums already created in that niche, If there is then join the forum to search for followers on Twitter.

Other ways to find followers on Twitter is to search on Twitter for people you would like to follow, many they will also follow you, thus creating a huge following for yourself also.

The advantages of creating a huge following on Twitter is a no brainer, it doesn’t have to be a spam fest. In fact you are allowed so many words it is actually difficult to really promote any product effectively. However, it is very effective if you are trying to announce a new blog post or want to send a quick comment. Staying in touch with your followers in this arena gives a personal relationship with them without the constant sales pitch. It has become a very addictive way of creating traffic to my blog.

Twitter has so many uses as a marketing strategy to generate traffic that It was impossible for me to list them all in one blog. There so many marketing strategies that it would have been hard for me to list them on 5 blog entries. I decided to share with you the the one strategy that I enjoy the most, which is announcing my new blog post with just one click. But, you don’t have to worry I am not going to leave you empty handed. If you are really interesting in exploding your traffic with Twitter, Just WATCH THIS VIDEO.

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Provirtua said...

Glad to see you are having success with Twitter! Have you heard of social marker? It will let you announce your blog posts to lots of social media/networking sites in one place!

By the way... your video link didn't work for me.