Saturday, October 25, 2008

Free PPC: Get Free Pay Per Click Advertising For Life

Who says that you must pay for PPC in order to see great results from you advertising campaigns? Hang with me if you will, because today I’m not only going to show how to get FREE PPC advertising, I’m going to show how to get FREE PPC advertising from two different sources.

The first source is a program called Leads Leap. This program is extremely viral because your ads will circulate in a blog that is distributed to thousands of members weekly. Your PPC ads will be delivered to members of Leads Leap through email weekly. You will also receive advertising throughout the network whenever members visit the blog manually. You receive credits whenever you view other members ads, so in retrospect that guarantees that your ads will also get viewed. If you would like to receive FREE PPC advertising without viewing ads, you can choose to upgrade or refer at least 20 people to the program. Referring 20 people will guarantee you 500 FREE PPC views per month.

The other program is actually the largest traffic exchange on the internet. Traffic Swarm has been around forever. Traffic Swarm has over 150,000 thousands members, which is very powerful if you are trying to get maximum exposure. The difference between Traffic Swarm and other traffic exchanges is that you ads are guaranteed to be viewed. Before you can view an ad with Traffic Swarm you must click on an advert. Also you ads open in a separate window so surfers can not use a multi tabbed browser, which again insures you ads will get viewed. You can earned FREE PPC credits by viewing ads, upgrading to pro, or referring members.

Leads Leap and Traffic Swarm are two very responsive FREE PPC advertising programs that are very effective. Both programs have a upgrade option that will supercharge you results. I recommend joining the free programs to build your referrals first, then upgrading so you can receive the residual income opportunity that both programs offer.
Imagine that, FREE PPC advertising that pays you!

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