Saturday, August 30, 2008

Better Conversions Using The Traffic Exchanges

I remember when I first started marketing on the internet, I did not have a clue where to begin. I bought a credit repair website on E-bay for $19.95 and after my purchase I realize that I needed to generate some traffic to that website. My research for traffic generation lead me to the traffic exchanges, being so inexperienced on the internet I made all the mistakes of a newbie marketer. I ran my new website through the top twenty traffic exchanges for months with no results until I learned how to use and understand the traffic exchanges.

The traffic exchanges are extremely effective if you have a grasp on exactly how to succeed using the traffic exchanges. There are rules to every form of marketing on the internet the traffic exchanges are not an exception. There are rules to this game and this blog post is a manual on how to get better conversions using the traffic exchanges.

Rule #1: Do not use an affiliate page to promote your opportunity

Affiliate marketing is great cost effective way to get started in internet marketing without spending money on an expensive website. The problem with using an affiliate website is that everyone else is running that same website through the traffic exchanges. One of the keys to success on the net is the ability to brand yourself, using an affiliate page will get you lost in the sauce. Most prospects purchase after seeing your product at least 7 times, imagine promoting your affiliate page only to lose the sale to someone else promoting the same opportunity.

Rule #2: Create a squeeze page or splash page for your affiliate program

A squeeze page is simple webpage that introduces your opportunity with a quick advertisement that entices the prospect to leave their email address for more information.Using a squeeze page will be enhance your chances of conversions by allowing you to collect your prospects email so you can market to them in the future through your autoresponder. As I state earlier, most prospects buy after 7 exposures, so the autoresponder will give you the chance to continue your marketing efforts. A splash page is similar to a squeeze page except for the collection of information. A splash page redirects your prospect to your website immediately after the click on the JOIN NOW button.

Rule #3: Use a multi-tabbed browser to surf multiple websites

Traffic exchanges allow to generate credits for view to you website by allowing you to view members sites for 8 to 30 seconds depending on the website. Since most traffic exchanges do not give you equal credits for equal views, it can be a tedious task viewing 3 websites to get 1 view back to your site. The best way to maximize your efforts using the traffic exchanges is to use a multi-tabbed browser like Firefox to view multiple websites at one time. Firefox gives you the advantage to get 10x the results for the same amount of time.

Rule #4: Use a traffic exchange downline builder

A traffic exchange downline builder helps you to grow your referrals with multiple traffic exchanges while advertising one link. Since you earn credits for every referral and every page that your referral surf, you can earn more traffic to your website from your referrals efforts. Traffic Hoopla is traffic exchange downline builder that promotes the top 20 traffic exchanges and the top ten safelist.

Traffic Exchanges receive some negative endorsements from marketers who do not take the tme to understand how to use the traffic exchanges. The truth is of all the marketing techniques that I have used on the internet, traffic exchanges and safelist have given me the best results. If you follow these four rules you should be well on your way to success with getting better conversions using the traffic exchanges.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Using Long Tail Keywords To Generate Traffic

Getting a top rank blog with the top search engines can be quite an adventure. The emergence of Web 2.0 has open the doors for millions of new social marketers and blogs are usually their weapon of choice. The keys to good placement in the search engines is being able to select the right keywords for your niche, it seems simple enough but if you have too many competitors using the same keywords, you get lost in the sauce. The solution to that problem is the use of long tail keywords.

Long tail keywords are basically multiple words or phrases that are search for on a usual basis. Instead of using a single keyword like “traffic’, you can use a long tail keyword like “how to generate traffic to my website”. Long tail keywords are extremely effective because they are specific to the search term. The use of long tail keywords also creates highly targeted traffic. Using the long tail strategy reduces your competitors immensely but you still need to do your research to see how many competitors are using that particular keyword.

How Do I Search My Competitors?

First thing you need to do is locate a few good long tail keywords that compliment you product or niche. You can research your keywords by using a free keyword tool like Google Adwords Keyword Tool or SEO Book. Both of these tools are great because they give you statistics on how many times a day a keyword is search for. Once you find your keyword, do a search on Google for that keyword using parenthesis. Putting your keyword in parenthesis will let you know how many competitors are using that keyword.
For best results try to find a keyword with less than 7,000 competitors.

What Is The Best Way To Use My Long Tail Keyword?

The rule of thumb is to use your keyword in a way so that it flows through your article. I recommend a keyword that ask a question, the reason for this is; you can use that keyword in the title. The title is the most important keyword you can get and the most effective. The keyword phase you use must also be used in 7 percent of the article content, try not be too repetitious but you can use different variations. If you follow these simple instructions you will be able to rank high with the search, which in turn will drive massive amounts of traffic to your website.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Can Blogging Create A Passive Income

Blogging Your Way To Money

Blogging has literally become a social marketing icon on the internet. The concept of blogging is so simple that most people find it confusing. Blogs are being being generated on a daily basis and if you want to stay on top of your marketing, you are going to have to incorporate blogging into your marketing plan. There several questions that new wannabe bloggers often ask, so today I will attempt to answer them. The simplicity of blogging you way to money will surprise you.

But First Of All…

What is the blog?

A blog is simply a personal online diary that you can create on virtually any topic. Blogs are ways to share your common interests amongst your peers. Blogging your ideas on the internet will also help you to generate a following of likeminded individuals. Whether you are blogging for profit or just for fun, you will be able to create a following.

What does blog Stand For?

Although there is no acronym for the word blog I would like to think that it stands for Building Lots Of Groups. The reality is that the word blog derived from the term Web Log.

What is blogspot?

A blogspot is a personal webpage that is maintained solely for the purpose of publishing your blogs. Your blogspot can consist of one niche idea or collaboration of all your thoughts. It is more efficient to have a blogspot that caters to one particular topic to entice repeat visitors that are interested in that topic. If you have several topics you would like to write about, it is better practice to create a blog for every topic. Examples of blogspots that allow you to create blogs for free are Google Blogger, Hub Pages, Word Press and Squidoo.

And Now The Question We’ve All Been Waiting For…

How Can I Make Money Blogging?

The best way to make money online blogging is to create great content for your blog…it’s that simple. Creating great content for you blog will generate massive traffic to you blog, once you have the traffic than you can advertise products and services on your blogs pages.

Don’t Have Your Own Products or Services?

You can join Clickbank, Commission Junction, or the Google Adsense program. They are all free to join and you receive commission every time you refer someone that purchases a product through your website. Google Adsense actually pays you every time someone clicks on an ad on your site whether they purchase or not. Google adsense conversion depends on the popularity of you niche.

In summary blogging your way to money is a simple as creating great content for your blog, generating massive traffic to your blog, and choosing the right products to advertise on your blog. If you do your research you will find several other affiliate programs with great products to choose from.

My next blog post will be on “Using Keywords To Drive Traffic To Your Blog”. If you have any specific blog request leave me a comment.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Generating Massive Traffic

There are different clichés that internet marketers frequently use to grab your attention, one of the most popular clichés is “the money is in the list”. Another popular cliché is “you need video on your website”. The truth of the matter is you can not begin to think about any of these tactics if you a not generating massive traffic to your website or squeeze page. Before you buy any product or build any website, your main focus needs to be, how you’re going to generate massive traffic to that site. There is an abundance of effective traffic generation techniques. Finding the right one will increase your chances of getting a lot of traffic to your website on a daily basis. The methods that I find most useful are the ones that are directly related to the search engines.

Search Engine Optimization, SEO for short, is a tool that most successful marketers will have to use at one point or another in their careers. Search Engine Optimization is the art of using keywords to increase your rankings in the search engines. The key is to find what popular keyword that most people are searching for and using those same keywords in your articles, website, and text ads. When someone uses the search engines to look up some information using your keyword or phrase, they are then directed to your website. Using keyword tools such as Seobook or Google keyword tool will help you to find out how competitive a keyword is and how many times the keyword is searched in the search engines. Mastering SEO will help you to generate massive traffic to your website.

The most cost effective way to use SEO to generate traffic to your website is blogs or article directories. After you have completed your keyword research, you can now write articles using your keywords in approximately 3 to 7 percent of your article body. Use your keywords so they flow with your article, do not use your keywords to the point where it becomes to repetitious. The next step is to submit your article to some article directories such as Ezine Articles or Go Articles. These directories are very popular and do very well with the search engines. You can also post your article to various blogs like Hub Pages and Word Press. I suggest you read the guidelines with these directories and blogs because the have some procedures that are mandatory in order to publish your article. Writing articles will help get thousand of backlinks to your site.

Getting thousand of backlinks to your website will undoubtedly raise your page rank and create massive traffic to your website. Backlinks can also be generated by using social bookmarking websites. Web 2.0 is a new phenomenon in the internet industry. Social interactive websites such as Digg, Twitter, Delicious, Furl are the new marketing tools of the future. There are literally hundreds of these sites popping up everyday. Savvy internet marketers are using article submitters to post to multiple social bookmarking sites to create hundreds of backlinks within minutes. Article submitters can also be used to post to Article directories. Posting to several of these sites at one time is valuable in generating massive traffic through backlinks.

Using SEO will boost your presence in the search engines insuring your internet business the massive amounts of traffic needed. If you are interested in more ways you can generate massive traffic to your site visit Conversion Junction Blogspot.

Measuring Marketing Campaign Prospects

Making the transition from a regular job to start an online business is definitely a huge step, especially if you are pursuing a multi level marketing opportunity. Locating and measuring your marketing campaign prospects can make or break your business. It is difficult to market your opportunity to people who are not interested in entrepreneurship.

The most common thing most new marketers do is to run to their family members and try to sell them on their opportunity. The harsh reality of marketing to friends and family usually hits like a ton of bricks to your dreams. Success in any online business doesn’t have to be that way and you don’t have to market to friends until you are already successful. Being successful has little to do with your efforts, but rather the system you use to promote your business.

Email marketing programs are the answer to solving your internet marketing woes. There are a lot of email marketing tips and resources available on the internet. The problem with those services is that they offer free list of email addresses that have been given to thousands before you. The most effective measure in building your email marketing list is to build your own opt-in list. Building your own opt-in will ensure that the prospects that join your list are interested in your product. The fastest way to build your free email mailing list is to use Viral marketing list builders such as List Joe. Promoting List Joe will also grow your list with nine other list builders. Once you have a large number of prospects you will need to master the art of preparing sales prospect letters.

Preparing a professional sales prospect letter is a crucial step in measuring your marketing campaign prospects. You have to know what motivates your prospects to take action. After all, building a large list without converting that list into sales is a total waste of time. There are several components that go into writing a professional sales letter to entice your prospects; one of the most important is the headline. Being able to capture your reader with a headline that evokes curiosity is key. Once you have captivated your reader you must gain your prospect’s attention by asking and answering questions within your letters body. The final step is to continuously follow up with your prospect until you earn their trust.

The whole process of measuring your marketing campaign prospects and building your viral email marketing list can a little time consuming. You will need to strengthen your writing skills to be able to turn leads into conversions. If you are someone who lacks the time to put into this particular part of your internet business, I suggest you use Reliable Contact. Reliable Contact is an internet based advertising company that provides its members with fresh leads every month and pre-written auto responder sales letters. They measure your marketing campaign prospects according to your niche.

Marketing online has little to do with your experience, your level of education or your financial background. Online marketing has everything to do with the system you are using to promote your business. Make it a habit to measure your marketing campaign prospects to avoid wasted advertising time and money.

Marketing After The Tsunami

Web 2.0 arrived and immediately redefined the way marketers function on the net. Marketing after the Tsunami which is Web 2.0 now takes a lot more interaction. Marketers in the past were satisfied to co-exist in anonymity because it gave them the power to promote their products without exposing themselves. Web 2.0 has changed internet marketer’s approach to delivering their products to the masses. It has definitely open the doors to some new marketing strategies, some good and some definitely bad. The question we need to answer is; Has Web 2.0’s takeover of the marketing arena improved the business as a whole or opened internet marketing to the less skillful.

The world wide web was base on a simple of foundation of mostly print advertising through the internet. The more people you could reach by using SEO methods or PPC, the more your business stood a chance to succeed. The use of certain eye catching headlines and visuals were also effective, but you had to get your audience to your site first before you could use those tactics. Once you got someone to your site you then had to make sure that your site had great content in order to create a repeat visitor. The foundation of the internet has not changed, You still need all those components to capture your visitors, but the approach has changed.

The Web 2.0 Tsunami has made it difficult for the anti social to market. Social marketing has become the core of the web 2.0 movement. Powerhouse websites like My Space, Facebook, and You Tube has forced even the old school marketer to break down. Nowadays if you don’t have one of the powerhouse websites in your marketing portfolio, chances are you’re hurting your profit margin. Making business or personal contacts using these site is a viral marketing tool that is unparallel to any other strategy. The only problem I have found with the Web 2.0 phenomenom is that your information is accessible to any and everyone. The negative aspects of having your information disclose, is the unsolicited intrusion from spammers who send fraudulent or sexually based ads. If you don’t mind being flashed or spam occasionally then Web 2.0 is definitely a positive.

In conclusion I believe that Marketing After the Web 2.0 Tsunami has expanded the internet in a good way. Putting a face to your product or business is a win-win situation, the customer can feel more secure and at the same time you can brand yourself as a good marketer. For those of you who do not wish to get involved in Web 2.0 strategies, the foundation is still in tact. Marketing techniques such as SEO, PPC, and email marketing are still very effective internet marketing tools. The addition of social marketing strategies will not hurt the business but rather expand it to an even larger market.

Preparing A Sales Prospect Letter

Health and Fitness has become huge concerns for everyone today, thus creating a large demand for health and fitness products. Many entrepreneurs are taking advantage of this vastly growing market by promoting health and fitness products via the internet. It is a fact that most customers will not make a purchase until their seventh time viewing a product, so email marketing has become the advertising of choice for many marketers. Using email marketing to promote your health and fitness products can be a lucrative choice if you learn the correct way to market to your perspective buyers.

Email marketing is the single most effective tool you can use to make multiple contact with your prospects without consuming too much of your time. There are different methods you can use in order to attain a potential customers email address; one great method is to add a web form to your website that offers your prospect a free newsletter on the product that you are promoting. The web form should be tied to an auto responder that sends out at least 7 preset messages to keep your product fresh on your prospects mind. These sales prospect letters are meant to keep potential customer interested and also keep them informed on any special offers or new products.

Writing a sales prospect letter requires that you use some thought in constructing the letter or otherwise it may be ineffective. Your letter should consist of an attention grabbing headline; a headline that ask a very powerful question or makes a bold statement is recommended. It is also a good practice to briefly address your headline in the body or your email. Limiting your sentences to no more than four in any given paragraph will hold your readers attention.

If you are an extremely busy individual that does not have much time to fully implement the use of email marketing for your health and fitness business, I suggest you use a company called Reliable Contact. Reliable Contact provides its clients with fresh leads every month and an auto responder with 15 pre-written sales prospect letters. Using email marketing to promote you health and fitness business or any other internet based busness will prove to be a worthwhile investment if used properly.

Exploding Your Website Hit Meter...750 Hits An Hour

Do you want to know how to generate massive traffic to your website to the tune of 750 hits an hour? Most people look at me like I’m speaking a foreign language when I mention such a thing, but it is entirely possible. There is a method to this madness, and today I am going to share with you a little secret. Generating 750 hits an hour can be easily achieved using the traffic exchanges.

What Is a Traffic Exchange?

A traffic exchange is a way to generate traffic to your website by viewing websites of other traffic exchange members. For every website you view, depending on the traffic exchange, your website is rewarded with credits for viewing. The most common exchange ratios for TE ‘s are 2:1 for free members and 1:1 for paid members. Ratios determine how many times your website will be viewed for every site that you view. The time allotted for viewing a website is different with every exchange but the average is 15 seconds per website.

How Can I Generate 750 Hits An Hour?

Generally surfing one traffic exchange for one hour will yield you about 100 hits to your website. The key to exploding your website hit meter is to use a multi tabbed brower like Firefox or Crazy Browser to surf up to ten websites at one time. Firefox allows you to open multiple websites so you can view the websites that interest you and bypass the websites that you’ve already viewed or have no interest in. With a multi tabbed browser you can generate 750 hits an hour.

But wait…It gets better! You can generate 750 hits every hour without having to surf 24 hours a day.

How Can I Generate 750 Hits Every Hour?

Traffic Exchanges allow you to build your downline by referring other members. For every member that you refer, you are rewarded credits towards your website views. You are also rewarded credits every time that you downline surf for credits. Most traffic exchange allow your downline to go as far as 10 levels deep. Being able to build a huge downline will help you to increase hits to your website without any effort on your part. The best way to multiply your efforts is by using a downline builder. A traffic exchange downline builder promotes several TE’s, so advertising your downline builder will grow your referrals in multiple traffic exchanges at one time.

I Don’t Have The Time To Surf!

If you don’t have the time to surf for credits you can always upgrade your account by purchasing a guaranteed amount of visitors every month. Upgraded members get paid a percentage of the monthly fees collected from members in their downline that have also upgraded. The average fee for an upgrade is $6 dollars a month. The incentive for creating a huge downline is that you can recover your monthly fees and create a residual income on all your referrals that upgrade.

What Is The Best Strategy?

This is not a system that is going to manifest itself overnight, with that being said, the best way to explode your website meter is to promote your downline builder only for about 6 months. After building a huge downline you can then start advertising your primary website and watched your Alexa rankings go through the roof. Even though the hits are not highly targeted hits, you will definitely gain some new customers plus increase your rankings in the search engines. The best part is the whole system will be viral, which means it will continue to grow exponentially with little effort on your part.

For better results use a downline builder that offers you the option of adding a Auto Responder to your promotional squeeze page… Vital Viral provides that option for upgraded members.