Thursday, October 23, 2008

How To Succeed In An Industry With A 97% Failure Rate

Let’s keep it real, internet marketing is not for the weak of heart. It takes a special individual to succeed in an industry with a 97% failure rate. I know when you read those sales pages with all the promises of easy wealth you get pumped up. Although it is all right to have dreams, I just want you to realize that there is plenty of work involved in order to reach success in network marketing.

The formula to achieving success in an industry with a failure rate of 97% rate is hard work, perseverance, networking and confidence. Anything the mind can conceive it can achieve. Being confident gives you the ability to make move forward with your plans without fear. Perseverance gets you through the days when everything goes wrong. Hard work will establish a solid foundation. Networking will help you duplicate and expand your business Through positive interactions from likeminded individuals.

Before you can put all these attributes to work, you must tackle some of the myths that you will have to deal with on a day to day basis.

Myth#1: You will reach success overnight
Myth#2: You get 3 people that get 3 people that get 3 people…It’s simple
Myth#3: You won’t have to spend any money
Myth#4: You ads can convert at a 70% rate
Myth#5: You can set it and forget it

The first obstacle you will have to conquer is how to market on the internet. Although traffic is the lifeblood to you success in the game, there is a fine line between good marketing and spamming. Marketing will be nearly 100 percent of your daily regimen. You will need to dedicate at least 4 hours of your day to you home based business. Expect a minimum of 3 months before you start realizing any success.

The concept of you get 3 people that get 3 people and so on is false because you are in an industry with a 97% failure rate. If you do the math, you will realize that to get 3 people, you will need to recruit 100. There is possibility that the first 3 people you recruit might be motivated individuals, but chances are they won’t be. If you prepare for the worse than you will be prepared to deal with success.

There are several great free advertising programs on the net that get results but for the most part they are designed to tease you into spending. Most of the free advertising sites that work have a more enticing upgrade option. The thing is if you are achieving success with the free program, why not upgrade? Don’t fool yourself, you will definitely need to spend some money on advertising or you will not succeed. I suggest you start off with the free advertising option to learn how to market on the internet.

Another stretch of the truth is that you ads will convert on a 70 percent rate. The more accurate rate is more like 1 to 5 percent. I am sorry to bust your bubble, but if you want a 10 sales a day, you will have to drive 1000 targeted visitors to you website daily. Targeted visitors are visitors that visit your site because of some kind of interest in your products. Traffic exchanges are not considered to be targeted traffic.

The set and forget it strategy is also false because even though there are some programs out there that are very viral, you have to put the time in the set them. Once the systems are set up, you will then have to spend time to manage your autopilot system. Not to mention the fact that the industry is always changing so set it and forget may not work.

Success on the net has very little to do with your experience, education or financial status. Success on the net has everything to do with you, your marketing strategy and your dedication to success.

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