Monday, October 6, 2008

Using Text Ads In Your Forums Signature

Forums are a great form of learning for any niche you may have. There are forums for basically any topic you can imagine. Although there is no doubt that forums contained a vast amount of information, people generally participate in forums to generate traffic to their website or business. Forums generate traffic through your forum’s signature where you can leave a link or phone number to your business. Learning how to market your business by dominating your forums signature is more beneficial than marketers realize.

Forums are rather simple in the way they operate; You leave comments, questions, or advice and members click on your signature to find more information about the person who is leaving these interesting posts. The traffic you receive is a lot more targeted than other traffic generating tools such as traffic exchanges or even PPC advertising because you have created a rapport with your visitors through your numerous posting. As great as forums are, I have discovered a way to maximize those resuslts…well I shouldn’t say discovered, more like finally figured it out.

The usual way to post a forum signature is place you url in the signature box using the “http” format so that it is clickable to your website. The disadvantages of doing that is, unless your url describes your website content, you will not entice anyone to click on your website’s url. I figured out through trial and error that using text ads are way more effective.

Text ads do more than just give an address to your website. Text ads give forum members a window to what kind of content is within your website. You can also use text ads to create curiousity about your website. It is a fact that text ads work 30% percent more better than even banner ads, so why not use text ads in your forum signature.

Here is an example of two forum signatures leading to the same website…

Let’s tell the truth, which example do you think would peek your curiousity more?

Example 1:

Example 2: Earn $250 Dollars Daily

O.K. now that I’ve made my point, let me give you some results. Since I figured out what a lot of marketers have been keeping as a secret, I have been receiving 5 times more hits to forums signature. I have completely abandoned a few other forms of marketing to make more time to post to forums. In fact I have added 3 more forums to my arsenal. The proof is in the pudding…Try it for yourself

And Oh yeah…Forums get indexed by the search engines, so your text ads will be viewed by more than just forum members.

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