Friday, October 10, 2008

Easy Money For Teens...Easy Wealth Solution

Just the other I was sitting in front of my computer writing an article to submit to the article directories when I realize; If I had known what I know now as a teen I would have made some real easy money on the internet. The fact is I have never been a real fan of writing at all until now. It is so simple to write an article promoting a product or business opportunity, publish it the article directories, and make some real easy money. Writing articles as a teen would have been an easy way to make money, besides I was writing 5 and ten page essays for free anyway.

Last week I wrote an article on the death of network marketing promoting a new cash leveraging program call EZ Wealth Solution. Amazingly within 3 days the article was picked up by 5 other publishers. I made exactly $144 dollars on two members who joined my opportunity. For a $0.00 investment I made 144% return. It took me 30 minutes to write that article, if that’s not easy money for teens, I don’t know what is.

Teens spend most of their time on the internet anyway, and their heads are not clouded with all the economic pressures adults have to deal with. Imagine how fast a teenager can create an article with a mind free of the stresses that Americans are facing today.

If you are not convinced that marketing on the internet is easy money for teens, I will give you another example of how teens can really make money easy on the net.

Another free tool that generates easy wealth is social networking groups like My Space and Facebook. If you take a survey I am sure it would result that more than 75% of teens belong to a social networking site. What that means is that teens are constantly socializing on the net with their peers…Guess who is responsible for the majority of purchases on the net? You guess it…Teens. There many companies that offer affiliate programs for teens to promote CD’s, free downloads, Movies etc. Once again, If that is not easy money for teens, I don’t know what is.

The hardest part of creating wealth is having the knowledge and direction. If as a teenager I had someone guide me towards making money on the internet as an option, I would have ate it up. I found this road by accident or rather the fall of my real estate business. The fact is making money for teens or anyone else for that matter shouldn’t have to be an accident. The internet provides many avenues that are easy and free. Seek and you will find and easy wealth solution.

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