Saturday, October 4, 2008

Eliminating The Huge One Level MLM Downline

Marketing on the internet is a skill that is gained through hard work and the right education. The first tool you will need is a good marketing plan, one that allows you to reach millions of people at one time. You will also need a daily regimen that is consistent. If you are lucky enough to find the right materials or a mentor that is willing to guide you in the right direction, you can then create a foundation for your internet success.

With the right system in place you will need to start duplicating yourself by recruiting to build a downline, especially if you are pursuing a mlm opportunity. The only way to avoid being a recruiter is to market your own products or affiliate products. Once you start recruiting you may find it hard to get your recruits to duplicate your efforts, thus creating the huge one level downline.

How Do You Eliminate The Huge One Level MLM Downline?

Eliminating the one level downline means you will have to be even more involved with your recruits. Many marketers have the tendency to neglect a new recruit assuming that the recruit understands how to market on the internet. The correct thing to do is to offer any new prospects free marketing tools to guide them in the right direction. In addition to free advertisng you will need to be hands on and explain to your recruit how to use paid Advertising such as PPC.(Pay Per Click)

Unfortunately following all the rules I stated above is not a guarantee that your newly established downline won’t be swayed by a new internet prelaunch. The internet has become so huge worldwide that keeping your downline in tact is a constant struggle. Many marketers have found the answer to eliminating the huge one level mlm downline by joining GPT opportunities. GPT which stands for “Get Paid Today” use a new mlm strategy that allows members to get paid daily.

The difference between GPT programs and the traditional mlm programs are there is no huge downlines in GPT programs. GPT programs are not set up like pyramids, these programs use the 1up and 2up system. Since your commission is not base on your downline you receive larger commissions up front.

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