Saturday, January 24, 2009

Free Traffic System Delivers Free Organic Viral SEO

There are several traffic generation techniques that website owner’s use to drive traffic to their perspective website. The fact is the most traffic generation products on the internet are pretty much hit or miss. A lot of internet business owners purchase visitors to their websites that are not targeted. The problem with non targeted traffic is that it most likely will not convert. The best way to convert your traffic into sales conversions is by seeking visitors organic SEO methods.

The reason that marketer choose shoot craps with their website traffic is because many of them are afraid of search engine optimization. Search engine optimization, SEO for short, is what every website owner wants, but fears the work involved with optimizing their website. Instead of learning SEO tactics, they settle for garbage traffic or make excuses about the changes in Google algorithms. The truth is that SEO can be achieve easily by creating quality inbound links to your websites.

Incoming links “also known as” inbound links are the keys to getting your site properly optimized. When you think of it, it all makes sense, the more inbound links you have pointed to your site, the higher your ranking. The process of creating inbound links using your keywords as the anchored text, lets the search engines know that your site is an authority for that particular subject. If you are a lazy marketer and don’t have time to spend learning free organic SEO tactics, then you may want to try the Free Traffic System.

The Free Traffic System takes away all excuses about organic SEO methods, because the average person can easily use this system to dominate Google. With the help of the Free Traffic System you can generate 60 inbound links to your website for every article submitted. The system also provides you with article spinner that is capable of creating unique articles that strengthens the power of your inbound links. The incoming links created are from niche blogs, so they get indexed faster than article directories.

Getting quality backlinks to your website creates relevance with the search engines thus creating organic traffic. Traffic that is generate through natural SEO methods converts at a much higher rate. The Free Traffic System delivers a viral link building strategy that takes away the confusion of search engine optimization. If you already have a good keyword tool, than this system can help you reach Google’s front page in 30 days or less.

Friday, January 9, 2009

How To Choose The Best Service Oriented Reliable Web Hosting Provider

If you want to become an internet business entrepreneur then your first step will be to secure a website. The hosting provider that you choose for your website will prove to have a great influence on the success of your business. When your goals are to create a successful online business, choosing a reliable web host is imperative. You will have to be for certain that your hosting company puts customer service at the top of the priority list.

As you may already know, server speed, and up to date technology are mandatory features in securing the reliability of your sites uptime. Choosing the right web hosting company the first time around will keep you from having to make a change later on in the game. Changing web hosting companies during your busiest periods of your website’s existence may cause you to lose revenue. In addition to the loss of revenue, the inconvenience that comes with web host issues is enough to drive you crazy. The best case scenario would be to stay with the same hosting provider for the life of your internet experience.

Internet hosing providers that put their main focus on providing you service is the way to go. The cost will always be a factor in choosing your web host, because no one knows your finances better than yourself. The cost of providing hosting services has become so affordable that you will no longer have to settle for cheap instead of quality. Although cheap may some you some money, it may also cause you to lose a lot of money also. If you look hard enough you will find that some of the best rated web hosting companies offer great packages with inexpensive prices.

When you make the decision to put service first in choosing your web host provider, there are some features that you must check for. One important customer service feature is 24/7 customer support. If you can’t reach your hosting provider at any time, that should be an automatic red flag. Other valuable customer service features should include: money back guarantee, free CPanel tutorials, toll free customer assistance, free website builder and real time server statistics. The good news is that with the best rated web hosting companies, all these features are inclusive.

Your hosting provider is the gasoline that makes your internet business run. An unreliable web host can create some irreversible damages to your revenue and your reputation as a professional business. The choice you make when choosing your internet provider should be a process that is well thought out. If you are serious about your internet success, then leaving your success or failure to chance is not an option. Choosing the right web host the first time around will give you the best chance at succeeding online.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Internet Explorer Problems May Expose Vital Information

There is has been a defect found in all versions of Microsofts Internet Explorer browser. If you are someone like me who spends the majority of my time online, this is really major. Apparently the problem has spread to at least 2 million people worldwide.

The scary part about the Internet Explorer problem is that it has been going on for the past six days is that there is no way to protect yourself against it. The problem has nothing to do with illegal phishing or any type of solicitation by internet scammers. The characteristic of the Internet Explorer problems is that the browser unexpectedly closes and leaves your vital information exposed.

Internet Explorer is the most used browser of choice for the majority of internet users. So these browser problems is a massive problem that can affect many users. So far the reports have primarily been reported in China. The majority of the complaints are from the stealing of passwords from popular online games.

Microsoft has offered some troubleshooting advice to handling these unfortunate internet explorer problems, but someone who is not very computer tech illiterate like myself, my advice would be to switch over to Mozilla Firefox.

I hope that you have been able to avoid this unfortunate situation. I am especially interested in internet browser problems because I just recently rectified a situation where my email address was hijacked and cause me a many headaches.

Internet Scammers Are Now Using Social Networking Sites

For all my readers that have not seen a new post from me for a while, I want to offer my apologies. It is not because I was being lazy; I was a victim of fraud. Someone hijacked my email address through one the social networks and managed to change my password, secret question, and my alternative email address.

It was a very unnerving experience, I was actually locked out of my account for a total of 5 weeks. It seemed like that Google's security measures were more effective for keeping me from retrieving my account than it was for protecting it. The worse part was that all my internet business was tied to my Gmail account: Gmail, Blogger, Adsense, and the big one Adwords.

I believed that the hijack occurred on Facebook. It happen simple enough, someone solicited me for a JV and I accepted. To make communications better we exchanged emails and then I was sent a phishing link which was designed to access my computer. I cannot express enough how much this simple mistake cost me mentally,time wise and financially.

I have since decided to exercise extreme caution when attempting to network on the internet. Here are few precautions that I would like to share with you to avoid scammers in these social networking sites.

1. Do not use your email in your profile, you can always retrieve your messages directly from the social networking websites inbox.

2. Do not exchange email with anyone until you have verified who they are and if their business is legitimate. In fact I would go as far as to do a reverse phone search on them.

3. Make sure that your computer is equipped with a good virus protection, Spyware and Registry cleaner...Trust me it is well worth the investment.

4. Be careful of the announcements on your profile page that informs that someone has posted your pictures all over the internet.

5. Do not click on any link that you do not recognize or cannot read as a word. If you click on a link by mistake, do not follow the link off the social networking site.

6. Use Mozilla Firefox and make sure that all your security systems are ON. I switched my other browser due to Internet Explorer problems.

7. Do not have the same password and security questions...etc for the all your accounts with Google or any other major company that you have several different accounts with. The results are if someone hijacks your account, they have access to all your business.

8. Do not save your secret passwords in your email account.

These measures may seem excessive, but avoiding the headaches and loss of revenues that scammers may cost is priceless.

How To Avoid Duplicate Content With The Major Search Engines

Article marketing is a great way to generate quality free backlinks and increase your page rank with the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN. The only setback is the dreaded duplicate content issue that loom so large in the back of every marketers mind.

For example if you write a great informative,keyword rich article and submit it to let's say, fifty article directories, you will have created the possibilities of getting thousands of backlinks. In case you didn't know, articles directories distribute your articles to several other sources and that's how you can create so many backlinks.

The problem of duplicate content rears it's puny little head when you check your statistics and see 7 listings in Google with the same article. The good news is that your backlinks are safe and you will get credit for them. The bad news is that your backlinks will not be as relevant due to the duplicate content.

To avoid the duplicate content issue, there a few thing you can do to increase the relevancy of your backlinks. One is to submit your articles to article submitting services that circulate your articles to hundreds of directories at one time. Google does not penalize you if you article gives credit to the article directory that circulates your article. So instead of submitting to 50 directories, you can submit to 2 to 3 of these services which will minimize the amount of articles you have published without giving credit to another directory.

There are few article directories that provide this service. Some of them even offer a creative way to spin your articles for even more security from the duplicate content bug. These directories are as follows: Isnare, Article Submission Service, and Free Traffic System.

When you look at it, it all makes sense. After all, if someone wants to print your article on their website, that means that your must be providing good content.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

How To Build A Responsive List Using The List Auction

The list auction is a new list building program with a twist. Instead of your traditional viral list building program, The List Auction not only a list builder, it is also an additional income stream. There are multiple ways to earn with The List Auction. You can earn from the one time offer, the monthly residual income, or from auctioning your unused credits.

If you accept the one time offer and join The List Auction as a gold member, you will be able to mail to a responsive list of 5500 members twice a week. The traffic exchanges are a great place to market you list auction squeeze page to grow you list. The conversion rates using the squeeze page is very high. Using a multi tabbed browser like Mozzilla to surf multiple exchanges will help you generate a minimum of 1000 hits a day to your squeeze page if you surf 2 hours per day.

Another strategy that I use to build a responsive list using The List Auction is free advertising sites. Since The List Auction allows free members to earn commission on referral sales also, it has a high conversion rate in these free advertising sites.

The final strategy I use to promote The List Auction is another list builder called List Joe. List Joe is also a downline builder for nine other list builders. Promoting List Joe will not only promote The List Auction, you can also build your list with 9 list builders at one time. There is also a one time offer with List Joe that is similar to The List Auction.

Using these techniques will help you to build a responsive list with The List Auction and several other list builders while earning a residual income. With the residual income provided by these viral responsive list builders, you can promote them as a primary source of income.

Free PPC Programs: Blog Software Delivers Free PPC Advertising

PPC advertising is a well known advertising method for generating quality targeted traffic to your website. Google is of course the most effective form of PPC advertising. For internet marketers starting out however, I do not recommend jumping into buying PPC ads until a clear understanding of how to market using PPC advertising is established.

While browsing the internet recently, I discovered a new free advertising method that offers something similar to PPC advertising. This blog software delivers free PPC ads through an extremely busy blog. Every week you will receive an ezine newsletter with new internet marketing tools and advice. Included in the ezine is free clickable advertising to members sites.

The program I am speaking of is called Leads Leap. Leads Lead uses the power of a viral blog to post adverts, which it delivers directly to 25,000 members and growing weekly. The Leads Leap concept is similar to Google PPC ads that you see in your Gmail account. Members of Leads Leap are credited views by clicking on other members ads or by referring others to the program. This ensures that your ads are clicked on without any cost to you.

In addition to getting free PPC advertising through Leads Leap’s busy blog network, you will also be using the power of exponential growth to build your leads list. Your will get credit for every referral your recruits generate up to 10 levels deep. Four referrals can grow to 1,398,100 leads if everyone you recruit reduplicates your process.

Out of all the free PPC programs on the internet, I have not experience one that provides an information filled blog for the purpose of PPC advertising. This program is unique and can be an effective way of growing your business. Lead Leaps free PPC program not only delivers traffic to your website, but It helps build your leads list without clogging your email. The only emails you receive are 1 or 2 blog updates weekly.