Sunday, November 2, 2008

How To Build A Responsive List Using The List Auction

The list auction is a new list building program with a twist. Instead of your traditional viral list building program, The List Auction not only a list builder, it is also an additional income stream. There are multiple ways to earn with The List Auction. You can earn from the one time offer, the monthly residual income, or from auctioning your unused credits.

If you accept the one time offer and join The List Auction as a gold member, you will be able to mail to a responsive list of 5500 members twice a week. The traffic exchanges are a great place to market you list auction squeeze page to grow you list. The conversion rates using the squeeze page is very high. Using a multi tabbed browser like Mozzilla to surf multiple exchanges will help you generate a minimum of 1000 hits a day to your squeeze page if you surf 2 hours per day.

Another strategy that I use to build a responsive list using The List Auction is free advertising sites. Since The List Auction allows free members to earn commission on referral sales also, it has a high conversion rate in these free advertising sites.

The final strategy I use to promote The List Auction is another list builder called List Joe. List Joe is also a downline builder for nine other list builders. Promoting List Joe will not only promote The List Auction, you can also build your list with 9 list builders at one time. There is also a one time offer with List Joe that is similar to The List Auction.

Using these techniques will help you to build a responsive list with The List Auction and several other list builders while earning a residual income. With the residual income provided by these viral responsive list builders, you can promote them as a primary source of income.

Free PPC Programs: Blog Software Delivers Free PPC Advertising

PPC advertising is a well known advertising method for generating quality targeted traffic to your website. Google is of course the most effective form of PPC advertising. For internet marketers starting out however, I do not recommend jumping into buying PPC ads until a clear understanding of how to market using PPC advertising is established.

While browsing the internet recently, I discovered a new free advertising method that offers something similar to PPC advertising. This blog software delivers free PPC ads through an extremely busy blog. Every week you will receive an ezine newsletter with new internet marketing tools and advice. Included in the ezine is free clickable advertising to members sites.

The program I am speaking of is called Leads Leap. Leads Lead uses the power of a viral blog to post adverts, which it delivers directly to 25,000 members and growing weekly. The Leads Leap concept is similar to Google PPC ads that you see in your Gmail account. Members of Leads Leap are credited views by clicking on other members ads or by referring others to the program. This ensures that your ads are clicked on without any cost to you.

In addition to getting free PPC advertising through Leads Leap’s busy blog network, you will also be using the power of exponential growth to build your leads list. Your will get credit for every referral your recruits generate up to 10 levels deep. Four referrals can grow to 1,398,100 leads if everyone you recruit reduplicates your process.

Out of all the free PPC programs on the internet, I have not experience one that provides an information filled blog for the purpose of PPC advertising. This program is unique and can be an effective way of growing your business. Lead Leaps free PPC program not only delivers traffic to your website, but It helps build your leads list without clogging your email. The only emails you receive are 1 or 2 blog updates weekly.