Tuesday, October 28, 2008

How To Get Resell Rights To 100 Digital Products For $10

Obtaining resell rights for products to resell can be a legitimate way for newbies or even experience marketers to take control of their internet business. One of the many advantages of having that master resell rights is that you can keep 100% of the profit.

Finding the right products that are in high demand will probably be the most challenging when seaching for products to resell. Although Clickbank, PayDotCom are great for affiliate products where you can keep up to 75% of the profit, they don’t compare to getting resell rights and keeping 100% of the profit.

When I was searching for a product to resell I actually found several, but since I was new to internet marketing, my choices were not that great. You need to be able to locate the niche products that your market is searching for. Without the right products to resell, you will simply be wasting time. After many unsuccessful attempts to find products to sell that were high in demand and low on competition, I simply redirected my efforts to MLM Marketing.

It was quite ironic what happen next, through my search to find a great MLM opportunity, I ran into “The Coffee House Letter”. After reading this controversial letter I decided to join a GPT opportunity (EZ Wealth Solution). The funny thing is, not only did EZ Wealh Solution provide me with the great network marketing opportunity, I actually solved my search for resell right products to sell. In their first level of the program, which your sponsor pays for you, I got access to 100 digital products to sell for only $10.

What I like most about having access to so many products is that I can experiment with several different products to find which ones sell the best. One last thing, if you decide to find niche products to resell, make sure you have a good webhost. You will a web host that allow for unlimited subdomains to host your mini sites.

Monday, October 27, 2008

The Power Of 3: EZ Wealth Solution’s Power Of 3 Pays It Forward

The Power Of 3: EZ Wealth Solution’s Power Of 3 Pays It Forward

EZ Wealth Solution’s Power of 3 method has proven that there is definitely strength in numbers. The Power of 3 is a strategy made famous by the movie “Pay It Forward” where a young boy uses the power of 3 pay it forward method to generate a huge following. EZ Wealth Solution has taken the power of 3 to the next level, they have implemented a pay it forward system that doesn’t cost the sponsor or the new recruit. What that means is you can join EZ Wealth solution at level one(a $47 dollar value) without paying a dime. The pay it forward system the EZ Wealth uses is uniquely different from all cash gifting opportunities.

How Does It Work?

When you decide to take EZ Wealth Solution free tour and sign up, you sponsor will then vist their back office to confirm your payment. The only thing is they won’t actually receive a payment for you; actually they are bypassing your payment and allowing you to join for free. When you receive you first recruit and are confident that the system works, you will then send your sponsor a payment for you new recruit. You will then pass your recruit to your sponsor. After you have received you 1st qualifying sponsor, all subsequent $47 payments will be yours.

Another advantage of the power of 3 system is that you are provided with a rotator to promote all your referrals websites. This very effective in helping all your referrals in getting their first 3 referrals. With the power of 3’s pay it forward system, you can turn 3 referrals into thousands of dollars weekly with EZ Wealth Solution. Upon signing up to be a reseller with EZ Wealth Solution you will also receive resell rights to a large list of digital products. Take your FREE TOUR today and see for yourself the the many advantages of EZ Wealth Solutions power of 3 system.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Free PPC: Get Free Pay Per Click Advertising For Life

Who says that you must pay for PPC in order to see great results from you advertising campaigns? Hang with me if you will, because today I’m not only going to show how to get FREE PPC advertising, I’m going to show how to get FREE PPC advertising from two different sources.

The first source is a program called Leads Leap. This program is extremely viral because your ads will circulate in a blog that is distributed to thousands of members weekly. Your PPC ads will be delivered to members of Leads Leap through email weekly. You will also receive advertising throughout the network whenever members visit the blog manually. You receive credits whenever you view other members ads, so in retrospect that guarantees that your ads will also get viewed. If you would like to receive FREE PPC advertising without viewing ads, you can choose to upgrade or refer at least 20 people to the program. Referring 20 people will guarantee you 500 FREE PPC views per month.

The other program is actually the largest traffic exchange on the internet. Traffic Swarm has been around forever. Traffic Swarm has over 150,000 thousands members, which is very powerful if you are trying to get maximum exposure. The difference between Traffic Swarm and other traffic exchanges is that you ads are guaranteed to be viewed. Before you can view an ad with Traffic Swarm you must click on an advert. Also you ads open in a separate window so surfers can not use a multi tabbed browser, which again insures you ads will get viewed. You can earned FREE PPC credits by viewing ads, upgrading to pro, or referring members.

Leads Leap and Traffic Swarm are two very responsive FREE PPC advertising programs that are very effective. Both programs have a upgrade option that will supercharge you results. I recommend joining the free programs to build your referrals first, then upgrading so you can receive the residual income opportunity that both programs offer.
Imagine that, FREE PPC advertising that pays you!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

How To Succeed In An Industry With A 97% Failure Rate

Let’s keep it real, internet marketing is not for the weak of heart. It takes a special individual to succeed in an industry with a 97% failure rate. I know when you read those sales pages with all the promises of easy wealth you get pumped up. Although it is all right to have dreams, I just want you to realize that there is plenty of work involved in order to reach success in network marketing.

The formula to achieving success in an industry with a failure rate of 97% rate is hard work, perseverance, networking and confidence. Anything the mind can conceive it can achieve. Being confident gives you the ability to make move forward with your plans without fear. Perseverance gets you through the days when everything goes wrong. Hard work will establish a solid foundation. Networking will help you duplicate and expand your business Through positive interactions from likeminded individuals.

Before you can put all these attributes to work, you must tackle some of the myths that you will have to deal with on a day to day basis.

Myth#1: You will reach success overnight
Myth#2: You get 3 people that get 3 people that get 3 people…It’s simple
Myth#3: You won’t have to spend any money
Myth#4: You ads can convert at a 70% rate
Myth#5: You can set it and forget it

The first obstacle you will have to conquer is how to market on the internet. Although traffic is the lifeblood to you success in the game, there is a fine line between good marketing and spamming. Marketing will be nearly 100 percent of your daily regimen. You will need to dedicate at least 4 hours of your day to you home based business. Expect a minimum of 3 months before you start realizing any success.

The concept of you get 3 people that get 3 people and so on is false because you are in an industry with a 97% failure rate. If you do the math, you will realize that to get 3 people, you will need to recruit 100. There is possibility that the first 3 people you recruit might be motivated individuals, but chances are they won’t be. If you prepare for the worse than you will be prepared to deal with success.

There are several great free advertising programs on the net that get results but for the most part they are designed to tease you into spending. Most of the free advertising sites that work have a more enticing upgrade option. The thing is if you are achieving success with the free program, why not upgrade? Don’t fool yourself, you will definitely need to spend some money on advertising or you will not succeed. I suggest you start off with the free advertising option to learn how to market on the internet.

Another stretch of the truth is that you ads will convert on a 70 percent rate. The more accurate rate is more like 1 to 5 percent. I am sorry to bust your bubble, but if you want a 10 sales a day, you will have to drive 1000 targeted visitors to you website daily. Targeted visitors are visitors that visit your site because of some kind of interest in your products. Traffic exchanges are not considered to be targeted traffic.

The set and forget it strategy is also false because even though there are some programs out there that are very viral, you have to put the time in the set them. Once the systems are set up, you will then have to spend time to manage your autopilot system. Not to mention the fact that the industry is always changing so set it and forget may not work.

Success on the net has very little to do with your experience, education or financial status. Success on the net has everything to do with you, your marketing strategy and your dedication to success.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Money Gifting Programs Are Creating EZ Wealth

Have you ever stumbled across a new opportunity that you felt was so unique you wanted to keep it to yourself? All of a sudden, the opportunity that you had previously never heard of just starting popping up everywhere. The first first reaction is to feel like maybe that your secret opportunity is too saturated and that you won’t succeed. That’s what I started to feel with my money gifting program EZ Wealth Solution, but the difference is with the power of 3 pay it forward system you only need 3 referrals to start creating easy daily cash.

The money gifting programs are popular, but to my surprise, my business started flourishing before I had the chance to get frustrated. Even with their increasing popularity, cash leverage systems have a foundation that is solid. After taking the free tour with EZ Wealth Solution and studying their compensation plan, I realize that I could really create a nice residual income with the money gifting concept.

Money gifting programs are very much unlike your traditional MLM opportunity. There is no need to spend years building a downline in order to create a decent residual income. The new GPT 1up and 2 up structure gives money gifting programs the ability to provide members the “Get Paid Today’ option. Most money gifting programs provide payment options either through Fed EX, UPS or directly to your Alert Pay account daily such as EZ Wealth Solution. In addition to the faster turn around on the commission payments, money gifting programs commission amounts are considerably higher.

The advantages with using the money gifting programs 1up 2up system is better explain in the videos that is provided by EZ Wealth Solution. There is also a must read letter called “The Coffee House Letter’. By the time you watch the very informational videos along with the painful truth delivered by the “Coffee House Letter”, you will be convinced that money gifting is the wave of the future. You can get access to the videos and letter by taking a FREE TOUR of EZ Wealth Solution.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Review Of Linkscout

What's the biggest problem do you think you will encounter with marketing? Take your time because there are several; For me it was marketing. I was taken by the lure of fast cash and the "it's so easy" speech. I signed up for every program that promised fast success. Then one day it occured to me, How was I going to market these multiple opportunities? I had no idea where to start and I was terrified to spend money because I did not really know exactly what worked. I spent a grip navigating my way through the internet jungle, I spent many months checking my emails hoping to see the words "You have referred a new member to". It took me six months to finally find an advertising tool that suited all my needs as a marketer, today I am going to review Linkscout.

Linkscout is free viral advertising website that allows members to advertise all their opportunities with their very own advertising suite. The advantages of your own advertising suite is you only have to advertise one website to promote all your home business ventures. Linkscout also provides other tools to enhance your marketing experience, I am not able to list all the tool in just one blog, but I will list a few just to give you an idea.

What Do You Get With Your Linkscout Suite?
• Your own Featured Links Page to Advertise your Websites on over 41,000 Sites!
• Your own Linkscout Link Exchange Page.
• Your own Linkscout Matrix Replicator Page.
• Your own keyword targeted Search Engine.
• Your Own Affiliate Programs Directory with 3 Programs!
• Post Unlimited Website Listings to your Search Engine.
• Post Unlimited Opinions for your Website Listings to Attract attention!
• NO SPAM will ever be sent to you, the only emails you will receive is from Linkscout Admin

Linkscout also has a viral capabilty, everyone you refer as a free member will also advertise your programs. New members can advertise all their programs but until they upgrade to a pro member your programs will also appear on the bottom of their page. What that means is if you refer a 1000 members that do not upgrade to a pro membership, you will have your ads displaying on 1000 pages. When they adverise their Linkscout suite, they will also be advertising you opportunities.

The income opportunity with linkscout occurs when your free associates start exercise their upgrade option. The fee to upgrade is $10 dollars a month in which you receive 40 percent of the monthly upgrade. Just Imagine if 200 members upgrade, you will be receiving $800 dollars monthly to advertise your home base business in 800 websites for free. Do you think Linkscout will be a hard program to market?

There are other programs on the internet which have great conversion rates but I believe that Linkscout is by far the best bang for the buck; Two thumbs up. If you are a newbie to internet marketing I would highly recommend trying Linkscout before paying the big bucks for paid advertising. Linkscout will give you the marketing experience you need and if you recruit enough members, you may never pay for advertising again. This concludes my review of Linkscout.

Protect Your Affiliate ID’s And Increase Commissions 300 Percent

Are your advertising efforts reflected in your affiliate commissions? Chances are your affiliate commissions are being hijacked. I know it sounds farfetched, but there are some internet thugs out there that thrive in finding the lazy ways to wealth. Instead of advertising and promoting their progams, they would rather spend their time finding ways to deprive you of you hard earned commissions.

How is this done?

It’s quite simple, you see when an internet thug visits your affiliate website they can simply replace your affiliate ID with their own, therefore taking credit for anyone who purchases from your site. Believe it or not, there is sophisticated software out there designed to do just that. Another way you can lose your affiliate commissions is when another marketer decides that you are too successful and they simply remove your affiliate ID in the browser and buy directly from the source.

Whatever the reasons may be, the fact is affiliate hijacking does exist. If you plan on marketing on the internet then you are going to have to protect you affiliate ID’s. Protecting you affiliates links is as simple as getting a cloaking tool to hide your affiliate ID’s. It is quite inexpensive to get your hands on a quality cloaking tool, in fact it’s FREE.

Viral Url is a cloaking tool that will protect your affiliate links and also offers some extra services that will be beneficial to your business. The extra advantages that Viral Url offers are as follows;

1. A viral bar that promotes any website of your choice
2. An affiliate program with potential commissions of $97 dollar for every sale
3. Automated advertising of your affiliate program every time someone clicks your links
4. Random advertising of all your cloaked links through a top traffic exchange
5. Tracks your websites statistics
6. An upgrade option that allow you to send mail to 24,000 monthly

As you can see there is no reason to leave your affiliate ID’s naked unless you’re just in internet marketing just for fun. I wish you the best of luck in your internet marketing career, but luck alone will not guarantee your success. It is highly recommended that you protect your links to enhance your advertising efforts as well as increase you commissions with a reliable cloaking tool.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

PTC: The Top Pay To Click Websites

The economy is on a downfall and the home based business is on the rise. One of the new money makers in work at home opportunities are PTC, for those of you who don’t know, that stands for pay to click. The simplicity of this money making opportunity is making it a choice of many new opportunity seekers on the internet. It is so simple that many young entrepreneurs in their teens are getting involved with pay to click websites.

The Concept of PTC,PPC or PTR is that you are paid to click on ads you receive in your email inbox or on the inbox provided for you by the PTC site. You get paid to view the publishers ads for about 20 to 30 seconds for each ad. At the end of viewing the ad you are rewarded with cash. The more ads you view the more money you can make. Finally, the term “It’s so simple a ten year old can do it” is actually a true statement.

The amount of cash you receive for viewing each ad is minimal, usually between .02 cents and .05 cents depending on the PTC site. It doesn’t sound like much, but when you belong to at l0 different PTC websites, it can add up, especially if you can generate some referrals. If you are able to get a few referrals, you can watch you income potential grow really fast. The best PTC sites reward you with cash every time your referrals surf for cash.

Here’s an example of one PTC Site statistics:
Earnings Example
� You click 10 ads per day = $0.10
� 20 referrals click 10 ads per day = $2.00
� Your daily earnings = $2.10
� Your weekly earnings = $14.70
� Your monthly earnings = $63.00

As you can see, if you belong to several PTC sites you can create a constant residual commission.

The name of the game is to build a downline of people to duplicate your efforts. By duplicating you efforts, you can maximize your income. Your mind is probably starting to marinate on how to recruit new members for several different PTC sites? Once again, I am not going to leave you hanging. Marketing Pond is great free advertising site that provides a downline builder with over 20 PPC,PTR, and PTR Sites. Advertise your Marketing Pond using some responsive free advertising resources and you’ve got a reliable automated cash machine. Advertising Marketing Pond will help you to promote several PTC websites at one time.

This simple strategy is exactly what you make it, whether you are trying to generate some extra cash or build yourself a residual income, the possibilities are there. This is an easy way for teens and adults alike to make money on the internet.

Friday, October 17, 2008

What Is The Coffee House Letter?

There has been a buzz circulating around the internet about this controversial letter that states that MLM maketing is dead. The letter in reference is known infamously as “The Coffee House Letter. Although the message of this letter has made a few people uneasy, the contents of “The Coffee House Letter” will raise your eye brows.

The Coffee House Letter was written by Mike Dillard; A mastermind in the network marketing industry. The letter describes the epidemic of the network marketing industry. The vastness of the internet has made it nearly impossible to grow a network marketing team. The average time a network marketer stays in a program as of late is 3 months. With the old MLM pyramid structure, your downlines are leaving your program almost as fast as you are recruiting new members. If you have been in network marketing for a while than you will realize the painful truth behind “The Coffee House Letter”.

Mike Dillard’s delivery of this painful truth will have you captivated and have your head nodding in agreement. Fortunately, “The Coffee House Letter” also offered a solution, the solution is GPT. Get Paid Today opportunites eliminates the need to build a huge downline while increasing the frequency and the amounts of your commission. The breakdown of the letter is so well delivered that I decided not to attempt to put it in my own words. If you are interested in taking your network marketing business to the next level I highly recommend you read “The Coffee House Letter” for yourself

Thursday, October 16, 2008

How To Grow A Responsive Mammoth List

One of the biggest cliche’s that you will here sooner or later when involved in internet marketing is “The Money Is In The List”. Is this phrase true or false? The phrase is entirely true. If you plan on marketing on the internet you will have to develop a responsive mailing list in order to ensure your internet marketing success.

There are several different tactics that can be used while building a mailing list. One of the most successful strategies is using the traffic exchanges to run your squeeze pages. The most important part to succeeding in the top traffic exchanges it to provide surfers some sort of traffic generating product or newsletter in order to collect email addresses for your list. In addition to your squeeze page you will need a reliable autoresponder to deliver follow up messages.

The follow up series you use once you have recruited someone to your mailing is also vital. It is good practice to follow up with your list members every 3 day or so. Every now then you should send you list some sort of valuable information to enhance their business; A free ebook or software works best. Statistics show that most marketers will not make a purchase until their seventh time viewing an opportunity, so it is important to make sure your follow up messages is at least 7 messages long. Last but not least, your first email should have a good introduction about yourself.

These simple rules will help you to create a responsive list that you hopefully can market to over and over again. The reason that these steps are imperative is because most marketers will not purchase from someone they don’t know, so it is important to brand yourself. I have found that email marketing is one of the best ways to introduce your brand to your prospects. Growing a responsive mailing mammoth list will take some time, but will also prove to be the number one asset to your business.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Generate Traffic To Your Blog Using Twitter

Social networking sites are a dime a dozen, but the similarity that they all have is the ability to communicate with people of like interest. I am involved with many social networking groups such as Facebook, My Space and Better Networkers. So far the most productive social network that I have experienced is Twitter.

Twitter took a while to grow on me because I did not quite understand the concept. Is so simple and powerful, it is easy for you to overlook. Twitter gives you the opportunity to communicate with people of the same interest by writing short messages to are viewable by all your followers. The important part is to make sure you develop a system that you can create followers and you in exchange follow them for updates also.

The question that most people ask is; How do I increase my followers? I use forums myself. Forums like Conquer Your Niche have several threads with internet marketers like myself who are eager to reciprocate twitter links with other internet marketers. I have also created a group on Facebook called “Follow Me On Twitter”. Whatever niche you belong to use Google to find if there is forums already created in that niche, If there is then join the forum to search for followers on Twitter.

Other ways to find followers on Twitter is to search on Twitter for people you would like to follow, many they will also follow you, thus creating a huge following for yourself also.

The advantages of creating a huge following on Twitter is a no brainer, it doesn’t have to be a spam fest. In fact you are allowed so many words it is actually difficult to really promote any product effectively. However, it is very effective if you are trying to announce a new blog post or want to send a quick comment. Staying in touch with your followers in this arena gives a personal relationship with them without the constant sales pitch. It has become a very addictive way of creating traffic to my blog.

Twitter has so many uses as a marketing strategy to generate traffic that It was impossible for me to list them all in one blog. There so many marketing strategies that it would have been hard for me to list them on 5 blog entries. I decided to share with you the the one strategy that I enjoy the most, which is announcing my new blog post with just one click. But, you don’t have to worry I am not going to leave you empty handed. If you are really interesting in exploding your traffic with Twitter, Just WATCH THIS VIDEO.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Easy Money For Teens...Easy Wealth Solution

Just the other I was sitting in front of my computer writing an article to submit to the article directories when I realize; If I had known what I know now as a teen I would have made some real easy money on the internet. The fact is I have never been a real fan of writing at all until now. It is so simple to write an article promoting a product or business opportunity, publish it the article directories, and make some real easy money. Writing articles as a teen would have been an easy way to make money, besides I was writing 5 and ten page essays for free anyway.

Last week I wrote an article on the death of network marketing promoting a new cash leveraging program call EZ Wealth Solution. Amazingly within 3 days the article was picked up by 5 other publishers. I made exactly $144 dollars on two members who joined my opportunity. For a $0.00 investment I made 144% return. It took me 30 minutes to write that article, if that’s not easy money for teens, I don’t know what is.

Teens spend most of their time on the internet anyway, and their heads are not clouded with all the economic pressures adults have to deal with. Imagine how fast a teenager can create an article with a mind free of the stresses that Americans are facing today.

If you are not convinced that marketing on the internet is easy money for teens, I will give you another example of how teens can really make money easy on the net.

Another free tool that generates easy wealth is social networking groups like My Space and Facebook. If you take a survey I am sure it would result that more than 75% of teens belong to a social networking site. What that means is that teens are constantly socializing on the net with their peers…Guess who is responsible for the majority of purchases on the net? You guess it…Teens. There many companies that offer affiliate programs for teens to promote CD’s, free downloads, Movies etc. Once again, If that is not easy money for teens, I don’t know what is.

The hardest part of creating wealth is having the knowledge and direction. If as a teenager I had someone guide me towards making money on the internet as an option, I would have ate it up. I found this road by accident or rather the fall of my real estate business. The fact is making money for teens or anyone else for that matter shouldn’t have to be an accident. The internet provides many avenues that are easy and free. Seek and you will find and easy wealth solution.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Using Text Ads In Your Forums Signature

Forums are a great form of learning for any niche you may have. There are forums for basically any topic you can imagine. Although there is no doubt that forums contained a vast amount of information, people generally participate in forums to generate traffic to their website or business. Forums generate traffic through your forum’s signature where you can leave a link or phone number to your business. Learning how to market your business by dominating your forums signature is more beneficial than marketers realize.

Forums are rather simple in the way they operate; You leave comments, questions, or advice and members click on your signature to find more information about the person who is leaving these interesting posts. The traffic you receive is a lot more targeted than other traffic generating tools such as traffic exchanges or even PPC advertising because you have created a rapport with your visitors through your numerous posting. As great as forums are, I have discovered a way to maximize those resuslts…well I shouldn’t say discovered, more like finally figured it out.

The usual way to post a forum signature is place you url in the signature box using the “http” format so that it is clickable to your website. The disadvantages of doing that is, unless your url describes your website content, you will not entice anyone to click on your website’s url. I figured out through trial and error that using text ads are way more effective.

Text ads do more than just give an address to your website. Text ads give forum members a window to what kind of content is within your website. You can also use text ads to create curiousity about your website. It is a fact that text ads work 30% percent more better than even banner ads, so why not use text ads in your forum signature.

Here is an example of two forum signatures leading to the same website…

Let’s tell the truth, which example do you think would peek your curiousity more?

Example 1: http://conversionjunction.com

Example 2: Earn $250 Dollars Daily

O.K. now that I’ve made my point, let me give you some results. Since I figured out what a lot of marketers have been keeping as a secret, I have been receiving 5 times more hits to forums signature. I have completely abandoned a few other forms of marketing to make more time to post to forums. In fact I have added 3 more forums to my arsenal. The proof is in the pudding…Try it for yourself

And Oh yeah…Forums get indexed by the search engines, so your text ads will be viewed by more than just forum members.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Eliminating The Huge One Level MLM Downline

Marketing on the internet is a skill that is gained through hard work and the right education. The first tool you will need is a good marketing plan, one that allows you to reach millions of people at one time. You will also need a daily regimen that is consistent. If you are lucky enough to find the right materials or a mentor that is willing to guide you in the right direction, you can then create a foundation for your internet success.

With the right system in place you will need to start duplicating yourself by recruiting to build a downline, especially if you are pursuing a mlm opportunity. The only way to avoid being a recruiter is to market your own products or affiliate products. Once you start recruiting you may find it hard to get your recruits to duplicate your efforts, thus creating the huge one level downline.

How Do You Eliminate The Huge One Level MLM Downline?

Eliminating the one level downline means you will have to be even more involved with your recruits. Many marketers have the tendency to neglect a new recruit assuming that the recruit understands how to market on the internet. The correct thing to do is to offer any new prospects free marketing tools to guide them in the right direction. In addition to free advertisng you will need to be hands on and explain to your recruit how to use paid Advertising such as PPC.(Pay Per Click)

Unfortunately following all the rules I stated above is not a guarantee that your newly established downline won’t be swayed by a new internet prelaunch. The internet has become so huge worldwide that keeping your downline in tact is a constant struggle. Many marketers have found the answer to eliminating the huge one level mlm downline by joining GPT opportunities. GPT which stands for “Get Paid Today” use a new mlm strategy that allows members to get paid daily.

The difference between GPT programs and the traditional mlm programs are there is no huge downlines in GPT programs. GPT programs are not set up like pyramids, these programs use the 1up and 2up system. Since your commission is not base on your downline you receive larger commissions up front.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Cash Leverage: The Perfect Wealth Formula

I have been in search for the perfect wealth formula for quite some time now. My search has lead me to many disappointments and many sleepless nights. I have studied many aspects of how to make money from home and it led me to internet marketing. Internet marketing is one of the hardest but most cost effective ways you can make money online.
The competition is enormous; The World Wide Web. On the other hand, the expenses are minimal, especially with the high cost of gas. The problem with marketing on the net is everyone is offering the perfect wealth formula. The question is how does one make the right choice to avoid the pitfalls set up by many scam artist?

In many of my blog articles I state that 97% percent of all internet marketers fail before they can make even $100 dollars. The reason I remind everyone of this statistic is to remind them that finding the perfect wealth formula on the internet is a full time job and not a hobby. If you are currently reading this blog post and have not endured your minimum of 6 months of struggle on the internet yet, then you are one of the lucky ones. I have tried almost every get rich quick scheme on the internet before I finally found a program that truly makes sense. If you could hang with me for a second, I’m going to tell you why EZ Wealth Solution is my perfect wealth formula.

EZ Wealth Solution is a Cash Leverage System that uses the Pay It Forward method to eleviate the initial cost that most cash leveraging systems entail. Instead of paying high cost to leverage your position in EZ Wealth Solution, your sponsor pays your way in to the system by bypassing your original fee. When you recruit your first person and have proof that the system works, your are then liable to send your initial payment to your sponsor. The uniqueness of this system is, your sponsor will actually advertise for you to help you recruit your referrals.

EZ Wealth Solution’s Power of 3 system works because the system is power by a team strategy. If you have been in internet marketing for a while, you are familiar with the huge one level downline. The huge one level downline occurs when your are the only one in your group recruiting. The EZ Wealth Solution motivates your recruitment efforts because once your prospect has recruited their first referral, you get paid. Do you think that’s motivation enough for you to help them achieve their goals?

The best part about EZ Wealth Solution’s system is that they use the GPT strategy which means “GET PAID TODAY”. You don’t have to wait months for your commission. There is also no downline for you to manage. Once you recruit has paid their initial payment and passed you their first referral, they get to keep any commissions for any referrals from that point forward. You will make your next commission from your prospect’s first referral and the system is at work until infinity. That is called the 1up system.

Leveraging cash has been around for quite some time and has created many millionaires. The earlier versions of cash leveraging however were illegal because they were base in the pyramid structure. EZ Wealth Solution uses the 1up system and the 2up system in the higher stages to provide a legitimate cash estate. This ultimate wealth package is the perfect solution to wealth if you are looking for a team oriented, get paid today opportunity. The perpetual cash leverage system has the potential to create mega wealth. You can take a tour of EZ Wealth Solution for free and decide for yourself if EZ Wealth Solution is The Perfect Wealth Formula for you.