Monday, October 27, 2008

The Power Of 3: EZ Wealth Solution’s Power Of 3 Pays It Forward

The Power Of 3: EZ Wealth Solution’s Power Of 3 Pays It Forward

EZ Wealth Solution’s Power of 3 method has proven that there is definitely strength in numbers. The Power of 3 is a strategy made famous by the movie “Pay It Forward” where a young boy uses the power of 3 pay it forward method to generate a huge following. EZ Wealth Solution has taken the power of 3 to the next level, they have implemented a pay it forward system that doesn’t cost the sponsor or the new recruit. What that means is you can join EZ Wealth solution at level one(a $47 dollar value) without paying a dime. The pay it forward system the EZ Wealth uses is uniquely different from all cash gifting opportunities.

How Does It Work?

When you decide to take EZ Wealth Solution free tour and sign up, you sponsor will then vist their back office to confirm your payment. The only thing is they won’t actually receive a payment for you; actually they are bypassing your payment and allowing you to join for free. When you receive you first recruit and are confident that the system works, you will then send your sponsor a payment for you new recruit. You will then pass your recruit to your sponsor. After you have received you 1st qualifying sponsor, all subsequent $47 payments will be yours.

Another advantage of the power of 3 system is that you are provided with a rotator to promote all your referrals websites. This very effective in helping all your referrals in getting their first 3 referrals. With the power of 3’s pay it forward system, you can turn 3 referrals into thousands of dollars weekly with EZ Wealth Solution. Upon signing up to be a reseller with EZ Wealth Solution you will also receive resell rights to a large list of digital products. Take your FREE TOUR today and see for yourself the the many advantages of EZ Wealth Solutions power of 3 system.

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