Sunday, October 19, 2008

Review Of Linkscout

What's the biggest problem do you think you will encounter with marketing? Take your time because there are several; For me it was marketing. I was taken by the lure of fast cash and the "it's so easy" speech. I signed up for every program that promised fast success. Then one day it occured to me, How was I going to market these multiple opportunities? I had no idea where to start and I was terrified to spend money because I did not really know exactly what worked. I spent a grip navigating my way through the internet jungle, I spent many months checking my emails hoping to see the words "You have referred a new member to". It took me six months to finally find an advertising tool that suited all my needs as a marketer, today I am going to review Linkscout.

Linkscout is free viral advertising website that allows members to advertise all their opportunities with their very own advertising suite. The advantages of your own advertising suite is you only have to advertise one website to promote all your home business ventures. Linkscout also provides other tools to enhance your marketing experience, I am not able to list all the tool in just one blog, but I will list a few just to give you an idea.

What Do You Get With Your Linkscout Suite?
• Your own Featured Links Page to Advertise your Websites on over 41,000 Sites!
• Your own Linkscout Link Exchange Page.
• Your own Linkscout Matrix Replicator Page.
• Your own keyword targeted Search Engine.
• Your Own Affiliate Programs Directory with 3 Programs!
• Post Unlimited Website Listings to your Search Engine.
• Post Unlimited Opinions for your Website Listings to Attract attention!
• NO SPAM will ever be sent to you, the only emails you will receive is from Linkscout Admin

Linkscout also has a viral capabilty, everyone you refer as a free member will also advertise your programs. New members can advertise all their programs but until they upgrade to a pro member your programs will also appear on the bottom of their page. What that means is if you refer a 1000 members that do not upgrade to a pro membership, you will have your ads displaying on 1000 pages. When they adverise their Linkscout suite, they will also be advertising you opportunities.

The income opportunity with linkscout occurs when your free associates start exercise their upgrade option. The fee to upgrade is $10 dollars a month in which you receive 40 percent of the monthly upgrade. Just Imagine if 200 members upgrade, you will be receiving $800 dollars monthly to advertise your home base business in 800 websites for free. Do you think Linkscout will be a hard program to market?

There are other programs on the internet which have great conversion rates but I believe that Linkscout is by far the best bang for the buck; Two thumbs up. If you are a newbie to internet marketing I would highly recommend trying Linkscout before paying the big bucks for paid advertising. Linkscout will give you the marketing experience you need and if you recruit enough members, you may never pay for advertising again. This concludes my review of Linkscout.

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