Thursday, October 16, 2008

How To Grow A Responsive Mammoth List

One of the biggest cliche’s that you will here sooner or later when involved in internet marketing is “The Money Is In The List”. Is this phrase true or false? The phrase is entirely true. If you plan on marketing on the internet you will have to develop a responsive mailing list in order to ensure your internet marketing success.

There are several different tactics that can be used while building a mailing list. One of the most successful strategies is using the traffic exchanges to run your squeeze pages. The most important part to succeeding in the top traffic exchanges it to provide surfers some sort of traffic generating product or newsletter in order to collect email addresses for your list. In addition to your squeeze page you will need a reliable autoresponder to deliver follow up messages.

The follow up series you use once you have recruited someone to your mailing is also vital. It is good practice to follow up with your list members every 3 day or so. Every now then you should send you list some sort of valuable information to enhance their business; A free ebook or software works best. Statistics show that most marketers will not make a purchase until their seventh time viewing an opportunity, so it is important to make sure your follow up messages is at least 7 messages long. Last but not least, your first email should have a good introduction about yourself.

These simple rules will help you to create a responsive list that you hopefully can market to over and over again. The reason that these steps are imperative is because most marketers will not purchase from someone they don’t know, so it is important to brand yourself. I have found that email marketing is one of the best ways to introduce your brand to your prospects. Growing a responsive mailing mammoth list will take some time, but will also prove to be the number one asset to your business.

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