Tuesday, October 28, 2008

How To Get Resell Rights To 100 Digital Products For $10

Obtaining resell rights for products to resell can be a legitimate way for newbies or even experience marketers to take control of their internet business. One of the many advantages of having that master resell rights is that you can keep 100% of the profit.

Finding the right products that are in high demand will probably be the most challenging when seaching for products to resell. Although Clickbank, PayDotCom are great for affiliate products where you can keep up to 75% of the profit, they don’t compare to getting resell rights and keeping 100% of the profit.

When I was searching for a product to resell I actually found several, but since I was new to internet marketing, my choices were not that great. You need to be able to locate the niche products that your market is searching for. Without the right products to resell, you will simply be wasting time. After many unsuccessful attempts to find products to sell that were high in demand and low on competition, I simply redirected my efforts to MLM Marketing.

It was quite ironic what happen next, through my search to find a great MLM opportunity, I ran into “The Coffee House Letter”. After reading this controversial letter I decided to join a GPT opportunity (EZ Wealth Solution). The funny thing is, not only did EZ Wealh Solution provide me with the great network marketing opportunity, I actually solved my search for resell right products to sell. In their first level of the program, which your sponsor pays for you, I got access to 100 digital products to sell for only $10.

What I like most about having access to so many products is that I can experiment with several different products to find which ones sell the best. One last thing, if you decide to find niche products to resell, make sure you have a good webhost. You will a web host that allow for unlimited subdomains to host your mini sites.


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