Thursday, August 28, 2008

Using Long Tail Keywords To Generate Traffic

Getting a top rank blog with the top search engines can be quite an adventure. The emergence of Web 2.0 has open the doors for millions of new social marketers and blogs are usually their weapon of choice. The keys to good placement in the search engines is being able to select the right keywords for your niche, it seems simple enough but if you have too many competitors using the same keywords, you get lost in the sauce. The solution to that problem is the use of long tail keywords.

Long tail keywords are basically multiple words or phrases that are search for on a usual basis. Instead of using a single keyword like “traffic’, you can use a long tail keyword like “how to generate traffic to my website”. Long tail keywords are extremely effective because they are specific to the search term. The use of long tail keywords also creates highly targeted traffic. Using the long tail strategy reduces your competitors immensely but you still need to do your research to see how many competitors are using that particular keyword.

How Do I Search My Competitors?

First thing you need to do is locate a few good long tail keywords that compliment you product or niche. You can research your keywords by using a free keyword tool like Google Adwords Keyword Tool or SEO Book. Both of these tools are great because they give you statistics on how many times a day a keyword is search for. Once you find your keyword, do a search on Google for that keyword using parenthesis. Putting your keyword in parenthesis will let you know how many competitors are using that keyword.
For best results try to find a keyword with less than 7,000 competitors.

What Is The Best Way To Use My Long Tail Keyword?

The rule of thumb is to use your keyword in a way so that it flows through your article. I recommend a keyword that ask a question, the reason for this is; you can use that keyword in the title. The title is the most important keyword you can get and the most effective. The keyword phase you use must also be used in 7 percent of the article content, try not be too repetitious but you can use different variations. If you follow these simple instructions you will be able to rank high with the search, which in turn will drive massive amounts of traffic to your website.

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