Sunday, August 3, 2008

Measuring Marketing Campaign Prospects

Making the transition from a regular job to start an online business is definitely a huge step, especially if you are pursuing a multi level marketing opportunity. Locating and measuring your marketing campaign prospects can make or break your business. It is difficult to market your opportunity to people who are not interested in entrepreneurship.

The most common thing most new marketers do is to run to their family members and try to sell them on their opportunity. The harsh reality of marketing to friends and family usually hits like a ton of bricks to your dreams. Success in any online business doesn’t have to be that way and you don’t have to market to friends until you are already successful. Being successful has little to do with your efforts, but rather the system you use to promote your business.

Email marketing programs are the answer to solving your internet marketing woes. There are a lot of email marketing tips and resources available on the internet. The problem with those services is that they offer free list of email addresses that have been given to thousands before you. The most effective measure in building your email marketing list is to build your own opt-in list. Building your own opt-in will ensure that the prospects that join your list are interested in your product. The fastest way to build your free email mailing list is to use Viral marketing list builders such as List Joe. Promoting List Joe will also grow your list with nine other list builders. Once you have a large number of prospects you will need to master the art of preparing sales prospect letters.

Preparing a professional sales prospect letter is a crucial step in measuring your marketing campaign prospects. You have to know what motivates your prospects to take action. After all, building a large list without converting that list into sales is a total waste of time. There are several components that go into writing a professional sales letter to entice your prospects; one of the most important is the headline. Being able to capture your reader with a headline that evokes curiosity is key. Once you have captivated your reader you must gain your prospect’s attention by asking and answering questions within your letters body. The final step is to continuously follow up with your prospect until you earn their trust.

The whole process of measuring your marketing campaign prospects and building your viral email marketing list can a little time consuming. You will need to strengthen your writing skills to be able to turn leads into conversions. If you are someone who lacks the time to put into this particular part of your internet business, I suggest you use Reliable Contact. Reliable Contact is an internet based advertising company that provides its members with fresh leads every month and pre-written auto responder sales letters. They measure your marketing campaign prospects according to your niche.

Marketing online has little to do with your experience, your level of education or your financial background. Online marketing has everything to do with the system you are using to promote your business. Make it a habit to measure your marketing campaign prospects to avoid wasted advertising time and money.

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