Friday, August 22, 2008

Blogging Your Way To Money

Blogging has literally become a social marketing icon on the internet. The concept of blogging is so simple that most people find it confusing. Blogs are being being generated on a daily basis and if you want to stay on top of your marketing, you are going to have to incorporate blogging into your marketing plan. There several questions that new wannabe bloggers often ask, so today I will attempt to answer them. The simplicity of blogging you way to money will surprise you.

But First Of All…

What is the blog?

A blog is simply a personal online diary that you can create on virtually any topic. Blogs are ways to share your common interests amongst your peers. Blogging your ideas on the internet will also help you to generate a following of likeminded individuals. Whether you are blogging for profit or just for fun, you will be able to create a following.

What does blog Stand For?

Although there is no acronym for the word blog I would like to think that it stands for Building Lots Of Groups. The reality is that the word blog derived from the term Web Log.

What is blogspot?

A blogspot is a personal webpage that is maintained solely for the purpose of publishing your blogs. Your blogspot can consist of one niche idea or collaboration of all your thoughts. It is more efficient to have a blogspot that caters to one particular topic to entice repeat visitors that are interested in that topic. If you have several topics you would like to write about, it is better practice to create a blog for every topic. Examples of blogspots that allow you to create blogs for free are Google Blogger, Hub Pages, Word Press and Squidoo.

And Now The Question We’ve All Been Waiting For…

How Can I Make Money Blogging?

The best way to make money online blogging is to create great content for your blog…it’s that simple. Creating great content for you blog will generate massive traffic to you blog, once you have the traffic than you can advertise products and services on your blogs pages.

Don’t Have Your Own Products or Services?

You can join Clickbank, Commission Junction, or the Google Adsense program. They are all free to join and you receive commission every time you refer someone that purchases a product through your website. Google Adsense actually pays you every time someone clicks on an ad on your site whether they purchase or not. Google adsense conversion depends on the popularity of you niche.

In summary blogging your way to money is a simple as creating great content for your blog, generating massive traffic to your blog, and choosing the right products to advertise on your blog. If you do your research you will find several other affiliate programs with great products to choose from.

My next blog post will be on “Using Keywords To Drive Traffic To Your Blog”. If you have any specific blog request leave me a comment.

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