Sunday, August 3, 2008

Preparing A Sales Prospect Letter

Health and Fitness has become huge concerns for everyone today, thus creating a large demand for health and fitness products. Many entrepreneurs are taking advantage of this vastly growing market by promoting health and fitness products via the internet. It is a fact that most customers will not make a purchase until their seventh time viewing a product, so email marketing has become the advertising of choice for many marketers. Using email marketing to promote your health and fitness products can be a lucrative choice if you learn the correct way to market to your perspective buyers.

Email marketing is the single most effective tool you can use to make multiple contact with your prospects without consuming too much of your time. There are different methods you can use in order to attain a potential customers email address; one great method is to add a web form to your website that offers your prospect a free newsletter on the product that you are promoting. The web form should be tied to an auto responder that sends out at least 7 preset messages to keep your product fresh on your prospects mind. These sales prospect letters are meant to keep potential customer interested and also keep them informed on any special offers or new products.

Writing a sales prospect letter requires that you use some thought in constructing the letter or otherwise it may be ineffective. Your letter should consist of an attention grabbing headline; a headline that ask a very powerful question or makes a bold statement is recommended. It is also a good practice to briefly address your headline in the body or your email. Limiting your sentences to no more than four in any given paragraph will hold your readers attention.

If you are an extremely busy individual that does not have much time to fully implement the use of email marketing for your health and fitness business, I suggest you use a company called Reliable Contact. Reliable Contact provides its clients with fresh leads every month and an auto responder with 15 pre-written sales prospect letters. Using email marketing to promote you health and fitness business or any other internet based busness will prove to be a worthwhile investment if used properly.

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