Saturday, August 30, 2008

Better Conversions Using The Traffic Exchanges

I remember when I first started marketing on the internet, I did not have a clue where to begin. I bought a credit repair website on E-bay for $19.95 and after my purchase I realize that I needed to generate some traffic to that website. My research for traffic generation lead me to the traffic exchanges, being so inexperienced on the internet I made all the mistakes of a newbie marketer. I ran my new website through the top twenty traffic exchanges for months with no results until I learned how to use and understand the traffic exchanges.

The traffic exchanges are extremely effective if you have a grasp on exactly how to succeed using the traffic exchanges. There are rules to every form of marketing on the internet the traffic exchanges are not an exception. There are rules to this game and this blog post is a manual on how to get better conversions using the traffic exchanges.

Rule #1: Do not use an affiliate page to promote your opportunity

Affiliate marketing is great cost effective way to get started in internet marketing without spending money on an expensive website. The problem with using an affiliate website is that everyone else is running that same website through the traffic exchanges. One of the keys to success on the net is the ability to brand yourself, using an affiliate page will get you lost in the sauce. Most prospects purchase after seeing your product at least 7 times, imagine promoting your affiliate page only to lose the sale to someone else promoting the same opportunity.

Rule #2: Create a squeeze page or splash page for your affiliate program

A squeeze page is simple webpage that introduces your opportunity with a quick advertisement that entices the prospect to leave their email address for more information.Using a squeeze page will be enhance your chances of conversions by allowing you to collect your prospects email so you can market to them in the future through your autoresponder. As I state earlier, most prospects buy after 7 exposures, so the autoresponder will give you the chance to continue your marketing efforts. A splash page is similar to a squeeze page except for the collection of information. A splash page redirects your prospect to your website immediately after the click on the JOIN NOW button.

Rule #3: Use a multi-tabbed browser to surf multiple websites

Traffic exchanges allow to generate credits for view to you website by allowing you to view members sites for 8 to 30 seconds depending on the website. Since most traffic exchanges do not give you equal credits for equal views, it can be a tedious task viewing 3 websites to get 1 view back to your site. The best way to maximize your efforts using the traffic exchanges is to use a multi-tabbed browser like Firefox to view multiple websites at one time. Firefox gives you the advantage to get 10x the results for the same amount of time.

Rule #4: Use a traffic exchange downline builder

A traffic exchange downline builder helps you to grow your referrals with multiple traffic exchanges while advertising one link. Since you earn credits for every referral and every page that your referral surf, you can earn more traffic to your website from your referrals efforts. Traffic Hoopla is traffic exchange downline builder that promotes the top 20 traffic exchanges and the top ten safelist.

Traffic Exchanges receive some negative endorsements from marketers who do not take the tme to understand how to use the traffic exchanges. The truth is of all the marketing techniques that I have used on the internet, traffic exchanges and safelist have given me the best results. If you follow these four rules you should be well on your way to success with getting better conversions using the traffic exchanges.

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