Sunday, August 3, 2008

Marketing After The Tsunami

Web 2.0 arrived and immediately redefined the way marketers function on the net. Marketing after the Tsunami which is Web 2.0 now takes a lot more interaction. Marketers in the past were satisfied to co-exist in anonymity because it gave them the power to promote their products without exposing themselves. Web 2.0 has changed internet marketer’s approach to delivering their products to the masses. It has definitely open the doors to some new marketing strategies, some good and some definitely bad. The question we need to answer is; Has Web 2.0’s takeover of the marketing arena improved the business as a whole or opened internet marketing to the less skillful.

The world wide web was base on a simple of foundation of mostly print advertising through the internet. The more people you could reach by using SEO methods or PPC, the more your business stood a chance to succeed. The use of certain eye catching headlines and visuals were also effective, but you had to get your audience to your site first before you could use those tactics. Once you got someone to your site you then had to make sure that your site had great content in order to create a repeat visitor. The foundation of the internet has not changed, You still need all those components to capture your visitors, but the approach has changed.

The Web 2.0 Tsunami has made it difficult for the anti social to market. Social marketing has become the core of the web 2.0 movement. Powerhouse websites like My Space, Facebook, and You Tube has forced even the old school marketer to break down. Nowadays if you don’t have one of the powerhouse websites in your marketing portfolio, chances are you’re hurting your profit margin. Making business or personal contacts using these site is a viral marketing tool that is unparallel to any other strategy. The only problem I have found with the Web 2.0 phenomenom is that your information is accessible to any and everyone. The negative aspects of having your information disclose, is the unsolicited intrusion from spammers who send fraudulent or sexually based ads. If you don’t mind being flashed or spam occasionally then Web 2.0 is definitely a positive.

In conclusion I believe that Marketing After the Web 2.0 Tsunami has expanded the internet in a good way. Putting a face to your product or business is a win-win situation, the customer can feel more secure and at the same time you can brand yourself as a good marketer. For those of you who do not wish to get involved in Web 2.0 strategies, the foundation is still in tact. Marketing techniques such as SEO, PPC, and email marketing are still very effective internet marketing tools. The addition of social marketing strategies will not hurt the business but rather expand it to an even larger market.

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