Thursday, May 15, 2008

Is "Struggling 101" An internet Marketing Course?

So far in my short career as an internet marketer I have read so many sob stories of how early struggles in the internet business turned into triumph, that I had to ask myself this question: Is Struggling 101 An internet Marketing Course? I am well aware of the struggles that goes along with being successful on the internet, I went through those same struggles myself. Lately I have begun to really wonder if the only way to success is going through internet marketing course “Struggling 101”. Every now and then you hear the stories of how easy making money on the net can be, but those stories are so for far fetched that you become skeptical instantly. Let’s face it, they say a fool is born every day and if that’s the case, then internet marketing gurus get richer everyday.

Through my numerous failures, following the glamorous depictions of success you see in advertisements throughout the internet, I became quite familiar with failure. The one thing about failing that always kept me going was the fact that the more I failed, the more I learned. I became more knowledgeable with every bad decision that I made. Now I’m not encouraging everyone out there to go out and plan to fail in order to succeed. I am just simply stating that struggling has a strong resemblance to a successful internet marketing course I refer to as “Struggling 101”. It would be helpful if we all had the answers on how to make making money on the internet easy or how to use strategic strategies to avoid struggling, but we do not. Unfortunately many internet marketers often become known as “tire kickers” because they became a student, and failed the internet marketing course Struggling 101.

Struggling to succeed on the internet doesn’t have to become a mandatory internet marketing course that everyone must take. There are ways to avoid going through this dreaded internet marketing course. Learning how to generate traffic to your website is the key to your success in this industry. Before you even create a website you should learn at least 10 ways to generate traffic to your website or webpage. Traffic is the lifeline to any internet business, and there are several free programs out there that educates newbie marketers the art of generating traffic. One of the programs that I recommend is a 7 day ecourse called “10,000 hits a day”. This particular ecourse consists of a 3 day step by step program to generate traffic and a full marketing plan on how to advertise your business.
The internet marketing course Struggling 101 is another option. One thing to remember in your quest for success is that there will be some level of difficulty, if you are not willing to work hard then you will not succeed. Although you can learn a lot from your bad experiences, successful planning along with a good marketing plan will help you to avoid taking any internet marketing courses with a failure rate of 97%.

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