Sunday, May 25, 2008

5 More Traffic Generation Techniques

Three days ago I wrote an article discussing 5 proven traffic generating techniques. I receive so much feed back that I decided to go ahead and discuss 5 more unique tactics for generating traffic. Traffic Generation is one of the processes that every internet marketer will have to tackle sooner or later. It is a process that will require thought and patience. Even If you are using paid methods such as Adwords PPC it will take some level of skill to choose your keywords to avoid clashing with your competitors. I recommend using the free methods first until you have a strong knowledge in SEO(Search Engine Optimization) and Adwords PPC. Today I will disclose 5 more traffic generation techniques that will drive traffic to your website for free.


Article writing is a very powerful way to generate traffic to your website. Writing articles is a traffic generation tool that is similar to blogs, except for the fact that with articles you have to spend a little more time on grammar and punctuations. Article directories and article ezines are more strict when it comes to guidelines for submitting your articles. There are certain things that are definitely unacceptable, one of them is using articles for commercial purposes. Articles are meant to be more informational than commercial. The best way to go around that is to leave your website at the end of your article as the source of the information provided. Articles are a proven way to generate traffic because not only will you appear to be an expert in your niche, your article will circulate throughout the internet indefinitely, thus creating traffic to your site.

Traffic Exchanges:

Traffic exchanges are by far my favorite method of driving unlimited amounts of traffic to your website. Traffic exchanges are websites that award its members with advertising credits in exchange for viewing other members websites or business opportunities. The reason most internet marketers will tell that traffic exchanges are not good ways of generating traffic is because most internet marketers do not know how to use the traffic exchanges. The key to using the traffic exchanges is not to market your personal website. Mostly everybody using the TE’s are there to promote their business opportunities or to generate traffic to their website, so the best way to attract to them is to offer a traffic generation tool. The tool I use most often to stop the traffic exchange surfers in their track, is a free e-book on how to generate traffic to their website. Once you have their attention you can now use traffic generation technique number 3, the opt-in form.

Opt-in Form:

An opt-in form is a web form used to capture a prospects name, e-mail address or phone number. Opt-in forms are use a lot in the traffic exchanges, the way it works is you offer a prospect a free gift or service, but they must fill out your form in order to receive delivery of their gift. You can also use an opt-in form on your website as a to follow up to potential customers through e-mail. The value in the opt-in list is that the person that signed-up to your listing was interested in your product. You can use your list to generate traffic by sending regular mailings to your list using your website address in the signature of every mailing. You can also introduce the people on your list to other products or websites you may have, creating traffic to multiple websites. One caution is to make sure not to spam your list, because just as they opt-in, they can choose to opt-out.

Free Ads:

Free advertising is a multi faceted traffic generation tool that I use frequently in my web promotions. Free advertising sites offer you free advertising to entice you to upgrade in the future. When you place an ad with a free advertising website you are basically testing that website to see if your ad will generate traffic to your site, once your ads begins to generate traffic, you will most likely upgrade your account. One of the most popular free advertising sites on the net is Linkscout. Linkscout provides its members with their own advertising suite to list all their ads for free. You can list all your ads on one page along the person that sponsored you, to have your ads shown exclusively, you must upgrade. I believe that free advertising websites are truly a win-win situation when it comes to traffic generation. Other popular free advertising websites are AdlandPro and Hits2U.

Downline Builders:

The hardest task in internet marketing is learning how to manage your time. It is easy to find new ways to advertise or different programs to generate traffic. The question is how to find the time to promote all these programs? The easiest way to promote your multiple traffic generating programs are downline builders. Most free advertising sites and traffic exchanges offer downline builders to their members in order to assist them in building the amount of members they refer. Downline builders are tool use to multiply your efforts by using one url to promote several different programs. When someone visits your url provided by your downline builder, they are also introduced to the to the various traffic generation programs that you promote. If they join any of your other programs, you are then given more advertising credits to aid in generating even more traffic to your website. Usually most downline buildesr offer money when your referrals upgrade their account to a paid membership. Vital Viral, Traffic Tornado, Yorgoo and most of the traffic exchanges offer downline builders.

Being successful in internet marketing has nothing to do with your financial status, your education or your experience. Success on the internet has everything to do with using the proper system. Finding a traffic generation system that you use can to consistently generate traffic to your website is the key to success on the internet. Once you have a few traffic generating programs that you are comfortable with, you can plug any program or product into your system to generate income.

To Your Success,
Marc Marseille

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