Thursday, April 3, 2008

Marketing Online – The Beginner’s Overwhelm Factor!

The beginner who decides to begin marketing online will find what amounts to a confusing jumble of sales letters, tips, blog posts, expert opinions, and the rest of the hodgepodge “guidance” for marketing online --- each document claiming to be the way and the light that will lead them to an extraordinary online career. It can be overwhelming.

LAS VEGAS, NV – April 2 2008 – Judith Sherven, Jim Sniechowski, and Tom Justin, producers of the world-acclaimed “First Step Internet Marketing”- the only course for the true beginner - tell us that typically overwhelm is part and parcel of the beginner’s online marketing experience. And with good reason.

When a beginner asks the very legitimate question – “Where do I start?” – that seemingly simple and straightforward question is rarely answered in simple terms.

“Most of the so-called beginners' courses were not and are not for the true beginner,” Justin assured us.

“Not at all,” Sherven added. “They're being taught by gurus who have had extensive marketing and/or technological backgrounds who have long ago forgotten what it was like to be a beginner.”

The major problem beginners face is ending up in overwhelm – intellectual frustration and emotional fatigue – and too often they just give up.

Although they have become successful Internet marketers in their own right, when they started online Sherven, Sniechowski, and Justin – who call themselves “Two Shrinks and a Marketing Guy” – suffered through the mind-twisting, mind-numbing complexities of online technologies, as well as having to adapt to the unique strategies and tactics that are required to market online.

So now - well experienced and Internet savvy - Sherven, Sniechowski, and Justin now assure anyone starting out that there really is a cure for overwhelm.

“Like anything else you learn,” Sniehcoskie said, “you have to start at the beginning and build a solid foundation. Overwhelm is experienced in direct proportion to the lack of basics. That’s not a brilliant insight. That’s just common sense.”

Justin continued, “Your decision to join the ranks of Internet marketers has to be accompanied by another equally important decision — that you will begin at the beginning.”

The trio warns against shooting for get-rich-quick results.

“They are a fantasy,” Sherven admantly says. “There isn’t one successful Interent marketer who hasn’t built his or her business in a focused, systematic, step-by-step approach. Not one.”

So if you’re looking to join the ranks of those who market online, don’t make the mistake of rushing. You’ll rush yourself right out of the business and all the extraordinary possibilities marketing online holds for your future.

Judith Sherven, Jim Sniechowski, and Tom Justin teach fledgling Internet marketers through their course “First Step Internet Marketing." To learn more about whether marketing online is right for you, make sure you get your Free copy of a special report "The Future of Internet Marketing" at


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