Tuesday, April 8, 2008

10,000 Hits A Day

Getting traffic to your website is the key to success in the internet marketing industry. There are many way to generate traffic, but if not used correctly it can be the cause of great frustration. Today I am going to disclose the best way I've found to use the top traffic exchanges.

Traffic Exchange websites are fairly simple to understand; you view a certain number of other advertisers websites and in return you get credited base on your level of membership, a certain number of views to your site. The problem with the traffic exchange sites are that people surfing these exchanges are generally not interested in most of the products being advertised. Their main reason for surfing traffic exchanges is to attempt to generate traffic to their own website, they most likely are not going to be interested in your business opportunity. Furthermore, you have about 10 seconds to grab their attention and entice them towards your
web business. The way around that scenario is you have to become creative.

As I mentioned earlier traffic exchange surfers are surfing for traffic themselves, so therefore the best way to stop them in their surfing frenzy is to feed them what they are hungry for. The way to achieve that goal is to offer a free traffic generating product using your squeeze page. The surfer will then have stop to fill your opt-in form, which you will provide in the body of your squeeze page. An opt-in a form is a web form that allows you to capture a person name, email address in order to provide them with information later. Once you've captured their email address, you can then market your product or services to them by way of email...but be careful in your approach because they can always unsubscribe.

The program that I recommend that has worked for me the best is called 10,000 Hits a Day. This particular program if followed as directed, generates 5 to 15 leads per day on a regular basis. 10,000 Hits A Day will also help you build a downline that will generate traffic credits for you every time they surf. Once you become an upgraded member in the top traffic exchanges the program rewards you even more with cash for every referral upgrade. I suggest that you use Traffic Hoopla if you want to surf with the top traffic exchanges. Traffic Hoopla rates the top traffic exchange websites on a monthly basis and provides accurate information on the top traffic exchange sites.

I hope I was able to help you to understand how to make better use of the top traffic exchange sites. The next step is to get the 10,000 Hits A Day system for yourself and give a try.

10,000 Hits A Day

Happy Surfing,
Marc Marseille

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