Friday, April 25, 2008

Converting Traffic Into Sales

The main tool that most internet marketers seek everyday is a way of
generating traffic to their website, but before you can began the the task of
generating traffic to your website your need to have a plan of how you will be
converting traffic into sales. Traffic conversions is something you rarely hear
internet marketers talk about. Everybody is a searching for that traffic generating
tool that’s going to bring mass amounts of traffic to their website.
Converting traffic into sales is an art of its own. To successfully raise your traffic conversion ratio you must have a great system in place to provide your potential prospects with a solid product. Many people believe that a fancy website design is all that is needed in converting traffic into cash, but I have found it to be the opposite. People that are drawn to your website usually arrive at your website through an advert that peaked their interest, so therefore fancy graphics alone cannot make a sale. They clicked on an ad hoping to find information on a particular product, so I truly believe that converting traffic into sales is directly related to the content of your web page. Web traffic conversions usually occur when someone has seen or reviewed a product several times, usually seven times before a customer will consider purchasing a product. So keep that in mind, it would also be smart to set up a web form on your website that can attract the potential customer to leave his information for future sales or your newsletter, something to enhance your chances of converting that traffic into a sale. As you can see it is more complicated to convert traffic into cash. I hope I was able to increase your knowledge on how to increase conversions on your website, so now maybe you can concentrate on how to get more web traffic. For more info on this topic go to

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