Monday, June 30, 2008

Safelist: Worthwhile or Worthless

A discussion on safelist will yield many different opinions and opposition, but that the simple fact still remains, the majority of internet marketers use safelist. Safelist are the fastest, easiest way to expose your business opportunity,list builders or to expose your website to thousands instantly. I noticed that most people that complain about the flaws in safelist do not use them properly.

The most effective way to use safelist is the use the credit based safelist. A credit based safelist is a safelist that rewards its members credits for reading other members ads. It is similar to a traffic exchange except for the fact that you can not use a multi-tabbed browser, you must view the ad for the alloted time. If you are only using one or two safelist you propably will not see great results. The key is to use at least 20 safelist and do at least 3 bulk email mailings a week. Upgraded members get better results because they are alloted more credits automatically and they are allowed to email the list more often.

Some people view safelist as waste of time due to the percentage of email sent and the emails that are actually read. I look at it differently, I you send out 400,000 emails and you receive 40 sign ups for your programs, that is a successful campaign. What other advertising method can yield those results in one day? Not Many. The Strength is in the number of emails that is sent out.

I believe that safelist are worthwhile and if use properly can be a catalyst for all your advertising programs. The top ten safelist can be found in Traffic Hooopla. I also recommend Herculist.

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