Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Internet Explorer Problems May Expose Vital Information

There is has been a defect found in all versions of Microsofts Internet Explorer browser. If you are someone like me who spends the majority of my time online, this is really major. Apparently the problem has spread to at least 2 million people worldwide.

The scary part about the Internet Explorer problem is that it has been going on for the past six days is that there is no way to protect yourself against it. The problem has nothing to do with illegal phishing or any type of solicitation by internet scammers. The characteristic of the Internet Explorer problems is that the browser unexpectedly closes and leaves your vital information exposed.

Internet Explorer is the most used browser of choice for the majority of internet users. So these browser problems is a massive problem that can affect many users. So far the reports have primarily been reported in China. The majority of the complaints are from the stealing of passwords from popular online games.

Microsoft has offered some troubleshooting advice to handling these unfortunate internet explorer problems, but someone who is not very computer tech illiterate like myself, my advice would be to switch over to Mozilla Firefox.

I hope that you have been able to avoid this unfortunate situation. I am especially interested in internet browser problems because I just recently rectified a situation where my email address was hijacked and cause me a many headaches.

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