Monday, September 15, 2008

Internet Prelaunches Wanted For Death Of Network Marketing

Have you heard the news, internet marketing as we know it is dead. If you are currently in an mlm opportunity that promises you exponential growth with the concept that you recruit 5 people who recruit 5 people, I am sorry to tell that very few people benefit from that concept. The popularity of the internet and the constant prelaunches of new mlm opportunities is destroying downlines as soon as they are established. It has become nearly impossible to keep your downline in tact with the constant distraction of new prelaunches offering a ground floor opportunity. The secret formula to success on the internet is no longer MLM, it is GPT.

GPT simply stated means GET PAID TODAY. Just imagine you build your downline to a mammoth proportion and one of your top prospect jumps ship. It is a scary thought, Isn’t it? The majority of your downline is going to consist of a few big hitters and many followers that are holding on for dear life. So, when one of your big hitters defects, along with them goes several other followers with your residual commission income. Trying to keep your MLM opportunity from becoming an MLM headache is like trying to slow down the cost of gasoline. Let’s face it, new MLM prelaunch businesses are a dime a dozen. The time is now to start seriously looking at an alternative to your soon to be MLM troubles.

The Advantages of GPT OPP’s:

1. GPT opportunities usually consist of a ONE TIME payment
2. You can get paid daily as opposed to monthly
3. Your commission is much higher
4. You can still create a residual income
5. It cost less over time than MLM
6. It attracts more real opportunity seekers than tire kickers

Many MLM diehards will have a hard time letting go of the concept of these huge downline that traditional MLM companies offer, for these diehard I have created an example of how GPT opportunities dominate MLM.

Imagine that your MLM is generating you $4,000 dollars a month for at least 2 years, that is one thousand members yielding you an average commission of $4 a month. In the span of 2 years you would have made $96,000. One of your top performers defects to a program offering ground floor opportunity with a higher commission, and decides to recruit half of your downline to his/her new opportunity. Your $4,000 dollar a month cushion has been dwindled in half; Do you think it will easier or harder to rebuild your team considering the competition?

In a similar scenario using a GPT opportunity such as EZ Wealth with 1000 members, you would have achieve that $96,000 In 3 months or less.

The economy is at such a volatile state that waiting to paid later doesn’t make much sense, especially if your money will be worth less later. GPT offers you the opportunity to GET PAID TODAY and invest your money in others ventures that will result in just as much income from interest as those nickel MLM commissions. Internet MLM prelaunches is responsible for the death of multi level marketing; Are you ready to take your internet career to the next level?

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